Sunday, June 18, 2006

Edenton Music and Water Festival

The Water Festival part of this great event was held on Saturday morning and it was a blast, whether you participated or just watched.

Early Morning And It Is Peaceful Before The Competitors Start To Arrive

All Racers Unload In The Parking Lot

Carrying Boats To The Launch Area Is The Standard Way

Carrying Equipment Is Another Necessary Task

Everyone Has To Take Care Of Their Boats And Get Ready

Once Ready Greeting Friends, Old And New, Is the Next Activity

Race Workers Organize How The Race Will Be Conducted

Race Meeting For Competitiors Was The Last Action Before They Put The Boats In The Water

The Field Charges Off The Start Line, Not Everyone Staying Between The Orange Buoys As They Should

As The Field Charges Off The Serious Competitors Quickly Open A Gap

The Crowd For The Start Was Not Large, But They Were Fans And Followed The Action Closely

The Last Couple To Start The Race Came Late, But Dilligently Circled Around And Crossed The Start Line So Their Efforts Counted

During The Long Periods Between The Racers Passing By Some Fans Found Other Pursuits To Pass The Time

Wandering Around The Booths Was A Great Way To Spend Time And Provided Some Great Food

Ginger Morelock And Katy Shook Were There To Educate The Public, Among Numerous Great Booths

Beriauger Was There For History Buffs, Complete With Costumed Crew

Edenton Has Some Great History Of Its Own And Plaques Inform The Interested

Back To The Racing, The Leaders Drive Towards Completion Of Lap One

The Winners Of Both The Two-Person And One-Person Kayak Classes Charge Toward Victory

Some Local Residents Followed The Winning Teams Across The Finish Line

Next year you should be there in person, it was a really great day

For Contestants and their friends, here are the East Coast Flatwater Canoe and Kayak Races -
Final Results

Racing Division (8 miles)

K1 Men’s Open Kayak: 1st Place – John Chittick, Bridgeton (1:42)
2nd Place – Robert Philpott, Wilmington (1:44)

K1 Men’s 40 & Over Kayak: 1st Place – Stephen Knight, Apex (1:20)

K1 Women’s 40 & Over Kayak: 1st Place – Cindy Wooten, Greenville (1:44)

K2 Mixed Tandem Kayak: 1st Place – Logan and Chuck Conley, Va. Beach (40:31)
2nd Place –Jim and Vangie Troutman, Bradenton, FL (50:30)
3rd Place – Kevin and Barb Mullin, Edenton (1:09)

Men’s Open Surf Ski: 1st Place – Robert Decker, Purcellville, VA (1:21)
2nd Place – David Hamm, Va. Beach (1:38)

C2 Women’s Canoe: 1st Place – Linda Knowles and Michelle Fink, Va. Beach (1:44)

C2 Mixed Canoe: 1st Place – Rusty and Leza McLain, Chesapeake (1:20)

Recreation Division (4 miles)

Men’s Under 18 Kayak: 1st Place – Grainger Coughtrey, Edenton (1:13)

Men’s 18-39 Kayak: 1st Place – Chris Ford, Edenton (55:41)
2nd Place – Phillip Patrick, Edenton (59:10)
3rd Place – Brian Ward, Edenton (59:53)

Men’s 40 & Over Kayak: 1st Place – Juan Ponce, Va. Beach (48:18)
2nd Place – Urbain Boutin, Roper (50:55)
3rd Place – John Jacobson, New Bern (52:54)

Women’s 18-39 Kayak: 1st Place – Cierra Ward, Winterville (1:03)
2nd Place – Cecilia Chittick, Bridgeton (1:04)
3rd Place – Mary Olson, New Bern (1:07)

Women’s 40 & Over Kayak: 1st Place – Rebecca Philpott, Wilmington (58:42)
2nd Place – Kelly Hudzina, Edenton (1:01)
3rd Place – Lorri Givens, Rougemont (1:03)

Mixed Tandem Kayak: 1st Place – Mickey and Mitchell Turlington, Lumber Bridge (49:43)
2nd Place – Michael and Conner Gavigan, Edenton (51:12)

Men’s 40 & Over Canoe: 1st Place – Thomas Givens, Rougemont (55:10)

Summary: 39 Boats and 46 Race Participants from 19 different Cities


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