Saturday, March 15, 2008

Rally In Raleigh Against OLF

Gates County Citizens Against OLF held a Rally in Raleigh on Thursday March 13 PM to get the attention of our Governor.

Their Press Release stated:

"Gates County citizens (and a tractor or two) will be in front of the Administrative Building letting our Governor's Working Office know we need his support to take us off the list for a NAVY OLF.

An OLF in Gates County would destroy generational families and farms, our history and heritage, wildlife and natural resources. Northeastern NC would not receive any economic benefits or attributes for our communities or our state. The pursuit of an OLF has already cost over $25 million. Construction of an OLF is estimated "at least" $280 million. This is a gross waste of hard earned taxpayer money."

Several local dignitaries spoke at the event, including Gerry Cohn with American Farmland Trust, Anita Earls with the Southern Coalition for Social Justice, Kathy Hartkopf from Freedomworks, Amina Turner, executive director for NC NAACP and Senator Ed Jones. Two Candidates for public office, Jim Neal running for U.S. Senate and Dean Stephens running for U.S. Congress, also spoke in opposition to the OLF.

Go to the web site to find out more about how to oppose this mistaken effort by the Navy.


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