Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Civil War Era Maritime History

This presenation by the Carolina Living History Guild was a lot of fun. Displayed on the 1767 Chowan County Courthouse Green in Edenton, it was a great use of the Historic Edenton Site.

Andrew Duppstadt (above) speaks with one of the visitors about the history displayed.

Chris Grimes (above on right) explains some of the history of an ironclad ship whose model was on display.

Al Mitchell (above on right) talks with another of the volunteer costumed actors for the Guild who were representing the period.

One of the first uses of land mines was during the Civil War. Above is a simulation of how the fields of land mines was marked so friendly forces did not blow themselves up.

It was a great exhibit and I hope you did not miss it. If you did, make sure you go next year!

Click on the title above to see more about the guild.


At 10:30 AM , Blogger Andrew Duppstadt said...

Thanks for the great write up and photos Dean! On a rather sad note, the person I am talking to in the first photo of the post is Historic Interpreter Lonnie Kuhn, an employee at the Historic Edenton site. Lonnie suffered a massive, fatal heart attack on May 27, just ten days after this photo was taken. Lonnie was 57 years old, and in a real twist of fate, his only child gave birth to her first child less than 24 hours after his death. It's strange how life works sometimes. Lonnie will be missed. In the brief time I knew him, I came to believe that he was an excellent addition to the staff at that site and was a true museum professional. His passing saddens us all.

Andrew Duppstadt
President, CLHG

At 10:52 AM , Blogger Dean Stephens said...

Thanks for letting me know about Lonnie's death. I had not heard. My condolences to his family. I will pray for them all.


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