Monday, August 18, 2008

Chowan Officials Display Arrogance

by Bob Steinburg - August 18th, 2008 - Daily Advance

First to speak was Commissioner Jimmy Alligood, who launched into a soliloquy that included attacks on come-here's who were here seeking low taxes, as if somehow this were relevant to the issue. He was resoundingly booed and silenced, but not before he made a motion for the commissioners to accept option 2, which increased Chowan's tax rate by effectively nine cents.


Commissioner Jerry Downum lost his cool when he yelled at Sams earlier saying "Where the heck were you when we had these meetings?" Commissioner Kenny Goodwin, before seconding the motion to accept Option 2A (Alligood had moved to accept option 2) said he was embarrassed by the behavior of the citizens in attendance inciting the ire of many.

One Party Rule. That is what we have here in Eastern North Carolina. One Party Rule. And in the above average income area known as Chowan County, you would think that the party of "tax and spend" could accomplish a measure of fiscal discipline. However the reality is, no amount of money is ever enough for Democrats. They love to spend so much that any restraint is considered unacceptable. They are "embarrassed by the behavior of the citizens" whenever the citizens disagree with their totalitarian rule.

Chowan County had a trust fund of $29 million. HAD being the operative word. Quietly, without reporting it to the public, the trust fund has been dissipated. If you read Bob's article you will see that there is as much anger by the public officials at anyone who dares challenge their incompetence in squandering the money as there is by taxpayers who resent the assumption that, the commissioners having squandered the money, the taxpayers should simply give the same crowd more money to squander.

Bob calls it arrogance. No matter how much I agree, it is clear these Democrat officials don't agree with that characterization. They are used to one party rule and they don't accept in any degree that they owe the public an explanation. In reality it is clear the problem is one party rule.

The local conservatives that have stayed in the Democrat Party while it became the Marxist party of our nation, need to wake up. They are enabling the "tax and spend" party to mess up our local governments. It is time for one party rule to end.


At 10:09 PM , Blogger kathymalaspina said...

I am a resident in Gates County and I own a business in Chowan. I attended both the commissioners meetings when they were discussing the tax hike. I was appalled at how arrogant the commissioners were. They could care less what any taxpayer had to was written all over their faces. Its amazing to me how you could find 7 men all that stupid to sit as commissioners. Not one of them have done their job, and frankly dont have a clue what being a commissioner actually entails. If they had even just gone to the finance office and asked to see the balance on the bank accounts...simple enough ..they would have KNOWN something was wrong..We are having similar problems in Gates County..but we are fighting back.
Visit my site and take a look at our commissioners here, they are all cut from the same cloth.


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