Friday, November 14, 2008

Perrytown Fire Station
Ground Breaking Ceremony

Perrytown Fire Station Leaders were delighted yesterday when they held the ground breaking ceremony for their new fire station. Currently they use space in the local gas station to keep their fire trucks and equipment. Even the original fire truck, a modified pick up that is still sitting idle as junk behind the gas station, reminds people of the history of how hard this area has worked to provide protection for local citizen's homes.

The sign put up by the builder, Benchmark (above), is on the edge of the Perrytown Fire Department land.

As you pull in the parking lot, the sign indicating the location of the new building (above) is prominent, indicating the key support of the United States Department of Agriculture and a second sign beside it from Southern Bank (above - bottom right) who was also key to making this happen.

I got this picture (shown above) of early arrivals inside the community building (out of the rain) waiting for everyone to get ready for the ceremony.

As we walked outside to start the groundbreaking ceremony it was raining hard. However nothing was going to discourage the launch of this great new community facility.

The dignataries present for the event included (from left); Bud Lee, Hunter Brown (in back), Tom Perry, Susan Christensen, Austin Lawrence, Keith Hughson, Kenny Davidson, George Hughes, David Baker, Jimmy Pierce, Alvin Basnight and Teresa Jenkins.

Don't forget the great annual homecoming event in Perrytown, which is also the main fund raiser for the Perrytown Fire Department. The 45th Annual Perrytown Herring Fry Dinner is coming up next week, Friday November 21st at 4:00 PM. See you there.

Check out the story on last year's Herring Fry Dinner here.


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