Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The news from 2015:
Senate Recount Is Settled At Last

by Katherine Kersten - December 2nd, 2008 - Star Tribune

In 2010, Coleman suffered a setback when the Supreme Court issued its first decision on the contest. In what became known as the "Franken's Fools" decision, the court held that even those absentee ballots that voters forgot to mail must be counted.

No forgotten ballots were ever recovered, but Franken's crack legal team assembled a group of Harvard psychologists who submitted expert testimony at trial establishing that the average Franken voter was twice as likely as the average Coleman voter to be chronically forgetful about life's basic tasks. Statisticians extrapolated on this disparity to convince the court that Franken had been unfairly deprived of 147 votes.


You have to read the whole thing. This is funny! It also proves two things. Al Franken is not just a comedian, he is a joke. In addition it proves the Democrat Party will do ANYTHING for political power. As if we did not already know that.


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