Wednesday, August 05, 2009

G.K. Butterfield Spoke
To Small Business Owners
At Williamston Chamber

Today's meeting in Williamston was supposed to be a round table discussion, yet it came much closer to the Town Hall type meeting that Representative Butterfield has been avoiding. The crowd that showed up was more than the sponsoring Chamber had expected. By the time Butterfield started to speak, every chair was filled and the overflow lined the back of the room two and three people deep. Even though they collected questions in writing so Butterfield could select which ones to answer, the crowd did not keep quiet.

Registration desk and question collection stations were in the hallway.

Amazingly, the first thing our Representative Butterfield said was how much we should appreciate him being there, since "it is difficult to have a tough six month session in congress and keep working when you come home".

Almost full and the crowd kept coming.

The next point he made was to emphasize the Democrat contention that Iraq is not a part of the war on terror. He did concede that Afghanistan is a part of that war, but he seemed disinterested in winning either the war in Iraq or the war in Afghanistan, but merely getting out of both as soon as possible.

He accomplished a couple of things in his early comments that I doubt he planned. Those two things were to be booed twice within the first five minutes. It sort of set the mood for the event.

Democrat Whip G.K. Butterfield before he cut the meeting short.

During his comments Butterfield claimed that there were 3 things that the Democrat congress felt were priorities. Fix education in America. He never said how. Fix the energy problem. Again he never said how or even gave specifics of what he saw the energy problem as being. And finally Health Care Reform. As he explained the Democrat goals in regards to Health Care Reform he was booed again when he insisted that the 47 million uninsured in America "did not include any illegal aliens". Most recognize that is standard Democrat spin and false.

Butterfield however was adamant that the Democrats would "never fund health care for illegal aliens", though from the reaction I don't think he ever got the majority of the crowd to believe him.

He was equally adamant that the only reason we had a Health Care problem was due to the two scapegoats which he mentioned constantly, the rich and the insurance companies. It was all their fault. The rich by the way include anyone who grosses more than $250,000 a year. A farmer who grosses that much will be lucky to make $50,000 net to support his family after he pays his expenses. That is rich?

He also got his first big laugh of ridicule when he insisted that the Democrats would never allow Health Care Reform to increase the deficit. From that point on the crowd reaction was mostly one of ridicule and they did not bother to boo any longer, just laugh. They were not laughing with Butterfield.

My biggest frustration was in response to Butterfield's out dated claim that "CO2 is bad stuff" and a greenhouse gas. He repeated the old lie about "90% of scientists agree". When confronted he was totally ignorant of the 33,000 Scientists-PHd's who have signed a petition denying this. CO2 is NOT a greenhouse gas. That reality makes the entire Cap-and-Tax scheme a fraud.

The meeting was repeatedly interrupted by a representative from the Williamston Chamber that was sponsoring the event with a request to please be more respectful to Representative Butterfield. And then half way through the event, the Chamber representative announced that the event was being terminated. It had been planned to last from 2:00 PM until 4:00 PM. It was exactly 3:00 PM when they started shutting down and asking people to leave.

The excuse given for the early termination was that Representative Butterfield had another event he had to attend, yet 30 minutes later he was still hob nobbing with local Democrats and had not started to leave. He did not seem to be in near as much of a hurry to leave as he had been to stop answering questions from the hostile crowd.


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