Thursday, September 10, 2009

American Political Philosophy Spectrum

One of the more interesting anomolies in American politics is the bizarre idea that fascism is a right wing philosophy. In actuality this concept was invented by Stalin to avoid blame for his temporary agreement with Hitler. When Hitler invaded Russia, Stalin insisted it was because fascism was a right wing philosophy which he, Stalin, rejected.

It was nonsense, but like many communist ideas, repeating a lie until it is believed worked for this claim. And for many on the left, this claim still permeates their belief system. In actuality, the National Socialist philosophy of Fascism was almost as far left as Communism.

The real irony is that in recent years the Democrat Party has moved left from Liberal (now calling themselves Progressive) until they actually practice a Fascism not significantly different than Germany and Italy practiced. The excuse liberals use to deny their complicity is the genetics that the Nazis also practiced. However genetics and race hatred has nothing to do with the Fascist economic theories which are decidedly leftist. Equating Fascism with Nazi genetic beliefs is not rational - unless you are a Stalin adherent who defends Stalin's lies to whitewash the left of guilt over the tyranny they practice.

The actual spectrum of philosophies is shown above.


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