Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Inner Banks Book Report

Actually this is about three books. The trilogy known as the Assasin Trilogy by author Robert Ferrigno.

David Forsmark's report about the final book in the trilogy can be found
here. He titles the book report "Orwell's Grandchildren". Interesting title. Interesting book report. Just for the record the 3 books in the trilogy are:

Prayers for the Assassin

Sins of the Assassin

Heart of the Assassin

The overview of the trilogy is:
The scenario is set several decades in the future, after deteriorating morality led many to embrace Islam in reaction, and nuclear terrorism blamed on Israel led to a Civil War in the United States. The North, East and West are dominated by The Islamic States of America, while “The Bible Belt” in Texas and the South has stayed independent and free, but poor.

"The world changed, because of the concerted efforts of a jihadist billionaire known as the Old One, who fancies himself the long awaited 12th Imam."

Americans have long had one serious weakness. We don't want to get involved with great movements around the world. We just want to live our lives. That is the most reasonable explanation of why so many Americans just never cared about the communist movement's attempts to destroy us.

However when you are the only truly rich nation, the rest of the world will not leave you alone. This trilogy is trying to suggest that our societal disinterest in the rest of the world will be the source of our national destruction. Communism fell short because it was ultimately not a religion and could not generate enough passion to defeat us. Islam very well could.

Interesting thesis. I pray to God that Ferrigno is wrong.


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