Sunday, September 20, 2009

Inner Banks Philosophy

For some people only a picture can explain something clearly. I was among a number of people who chastised George W. Bush for his incomprehensible spending of money as he tried to convert the Republican Party into champion of the big government nanny state. Many people described the problem with, "Bush spent money like a drunken sailor."

And he did.

So lets take a look at the spending of Bush versus the spending of Obama. The following graph shows the comparison. Bush in gray on the left. Obama in red on the right.

In one year Obama will create deficits which are close to the total deficits of Bush over 8 years. So just for fun, if Bush was a drunken sailor, what term could you possibly use to describe the spending by Obama? (By the way, the trillion dollars for health care reform and the two trillion dollars for cap-and-tax ARE NOT YET INCLUDED in the deficits for Obama.)

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