Monday, December 07, 2009

Day Of Infamy

Bill is a friend who sends out daily a number of emails on various subjects. Today he sent out a great reminder of the fact it is Pearl Harbor Day. I had been looking for a posting for this infamous day in our history, and the link on Bill's email is just what I wanted. It is FDR's "Declaration of War" in response to that attack on our nation.

Declaration of War to joint session of congress.

It is important to remember - most of the Americans who died that day were victims of an element in our nation that refused to believe we needed to be prepared for war. World War II itself was a result of our lack of preparation. We seem to be slowly losing our remembrance of that lesson. Even 9/11 is starting to slip from the memory of some. The end of this great nation will be a result of that desire to forget the bad and only prepare for the good. Good times do end, usually because a nation allows itself to become weak.


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