Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Inner Banks Humor - TOTUS

There has been a repeated and ongoing joke about the President's reliance on teleprompters to give speeches, along with several examples that without his teleprompter, the President is nearly tongue tied.

However two instances this week dramatize this weakness in a most ridiculous way. Our godlike President, the Magic Marxist Messiah, used a TELEPROMPTER to give a presentation to a group of SCHOOL children, and then used it to have a meeting with his middle-class TASK FORCE, one he staffed with HIS PEOPLE, talking about what he hoped they would accomplish. I mean has anyone ever seen a leader have a meeting with his supporters and use a TELEPROMPTER?


One blogger suggested SNL do a skit with Obama ordering lunch from a teleprompter! So appropriate. This man is a bozo.


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