Saturday, February 27, 2010

Lies, Damn Lies And Statistics

You hear constantly in the health care debate about the so-called uninsured 47 million without health insurance. Obama repeated it again in his meeting to beat up Republicans on health care. Here is how that number actually breaks down...

10 million are non-citizens.

9 million make more than $75,000 a year.

8 million (additional) make more than $50,000 a year.

12 million already qualify for government health and just don't bother signing up because they are healthy and don't need care.

ONLY 8 million are poor and need health care they can't currently get except by going to an emegency room, which is what they do. They GET health care, they just don't have health insurance.

Remember that the next time some Democrat Liar insists that we destroy the greatest health care system in the world because of 47 million who need government to pay for it. Mis-stating statistics is lying.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"Connect Bertie"
Is Approved

The Bertie County Board of Education met in a working session this day and took a huge leap forward into the 21st Century. Dr. Chip Zullinger, School Superintendent, opened the meeting and asked for permission to change the schedule to move the Connect Bertie project approval to the beginning of the meeting.

With approval of the schedule change, Dr. Zullinger introduced some of the local citizens who have worked so hard to help the school system on numerous projects, giving specific recognition to Dr. David Peale, John Davis and Ron Wesson. According to Dr. Zullinger, each spent close to 1,000 hours of completely volunteer time trying get this project approved by the Golden Leaf Foundation, Century Link and the appropriate federal agencies.

I am still impressed with the ability of our School Superintendent, Dr. Zullinger, to keep moving Bertie County forward with great projects by getting people to work together. His track record is simply incredible. Dr. Zullinger (below left) and Chairman Emma Johnson (below right) have to be proud of what is being accomplished.

Several speakers came forward to endorse this great project, including John Davis (shown below).

Other speakers included Dr. David Peale (below right) and Ron Wesson, (below left) as well as Collins Cooper, Director of the Widsor-Bertie Chamber of Commerce and Steve Biggs, Director of Economic Development for Bertie County.

All were extremely excited about the potential of this project for Bertie County. Approval allows the county to take advantage of a $750,000 grant from the Golden Leaf Foundation, $1,200,000 in Internet upgrades committed to the project by Century Link, and $250,000 in federal funds to provide free Internet to our most needy students.

The key issue for most of the county is the huge number of people who will get high speed broadband Internet access as a result of this project, even if they don't attend school. Century Link will be expanding the DSL capability of Bertie County to support the project, so everyone in the affected areas of the county will benefit from the vast expansion of network infrastructure.

The vote on the measure for approval, as it was proposed by Chairman Emma Johnson, was 4 to 1 in favor. Only Pamela Chamblee opposed the project.

After the meeting I spoke with County Manager Zee Lamb, and he was very excited about the Board of Education approval. He rattled off the number of actions he said the county had taken to help, from voting to set this project as the highest priority at the beginning of the Golden Leaf evaluation and including all subsequent steps and votes. It also included a meeting in Rocky Mount during a period when Golden Leaf was still not committed to the project at which the county asked Golden Leaf to defer the vote on the project so questions could be addressed, rather than end the evaluation.

Mr. Lamb said that Steve Biggs had kept the County informed of the belief by many potential businesses that this project would make Bertie County a better place to locate, which added to the value the County Commissioners saw in the project for our students.

Mr. Lamb's final comment was entusistic appreciation that the Board of Education and Dr. Zullinger were moving forward with a project that would be so beneficial for our students - as well as the population of our county in the remote areas not currently served by DSL. "Completion of this project will be a great step forward for Bertie County" said Mr. Lamb.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Inner Banks Humor

In case you cannot read the sign it says, "My next door neighbor wants to ban all guns. Their house is NOT ARMED. Out of respect for their opinions I promise not to use my guns to protect them."

The neighbor was incensed and tried to have the man posting the sign arrested, under the argument that the man who wanted guns banned was being endangered by THE SIGN!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Republicans Will Have A Primary Race For Butterfield Seat

The TEA Party movement has truly inspired people to get involved in politics to stop the big government takeover of our nation. In the past it has usually been tough to find anyone who would fight against Butterfield for the First District Congressional seat. However this year there are already 4 candidates who have decided to file.

At yesterday's First District Executive Committee meeting in Williamston, two of the candidates spoke to the group about their plans.

The two candidates were John Carter and Jerry Grimes.

John Carter introduced himself as an Air Force veteran, who has worked in computer help desks in his county Sheriff's office and currently works in Belks in the same function. His major campaign theme is the desperate need for jobs. His campaign web site is

Jerry Grimes, is a Baptist Minister, who received has Master of Divinity from Virginia Union University, and a Master of Arts from both Fuller Theological Seminary and Union Presbyterian Seminary, the last being where he is currently working on his PhD in theological ethics. He has worked in field marketing for Coca-Cola, produced a movie and served on the faculty of the Shaw University Department of Religion and Philosophy. His initial campaign theme is stopping the abuse of federal unfunded mandates. His campaign web site is

Last month Ashley Woolard from Beaufort County spoke about his plans for the First District race. His campaign web site is

The fourth candidate, Jim Gordon Miller, III is from Dare County, which is outside First District, however he believes rules allow you to run for U.S. Congress while living outside the District. It will be interesting to see how that goes forward. He is scheduled to speak to the First District Executive Committee next month. I have no web site for him yet.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Majdic Won Bronze
With Collapsed Lung

by Staff - February 19th, 2010 - NBC Sports

Slovenian cross-country skier Petra Majdic had four broken ribs and a collapsed lung when she won a bronze medal earlier this week, injuries that will keep her out for the rest of the season...

There are some preformances that you can only watch in awe. Falling 3 meters (about 10 feet) down an embankment to land on your back on a boulder is not considered a good idea even if you are not about to start an event filled with world class athletes.

Doctors checked Petra Majdic for broken bones after her fall but somehow missed the fact that she had 4 fractured ribs. Duing the day's qualifying races, where she competed in such pain that she collapsed after each event, one of the ribs punctured her lung and caused it to collapse. Yet she finished the final race only yards behind two world class athletes, barely missing the gold medal. She still won the bronze, a trophy some amazing athletes have never been able to attain.

Actually I think she won a few gold medals in the hearts of anyone who admires guts and perseverence. If this is the kind of person Slovenia produces, it must be a pretty special place. Thank you Petra Majdic for an inspiring performance.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Inner Banks Humor - Politics

Got this picture in an email. I have two comments. One. The emails that I receive, especially this one, indicate a lot of people in America have way too much time on their hands. Probably because the Obama Depression has cost them their jobs. And two. The creator of this one clearly needs to see a psychiatrist!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Conservative Viewpoint
- My Decision

Article by Bob Steinburg
- Edenton, North Carolina: Cradle of the Colony

For the last several months I have been approached by many folks to consider running for public office. First there were those who wanted me to challenge Rep. G. K. Butterfield, D-N.C. I declined. Now I am being asked to consider opposing Rep. Tim Spear for a seat in the N. C. House of Representatives, representing the second district. I certainly am humbled as well as flattered by the encouragement of those who feel I could responsibly represent them and their interests in our halls of governance. But serving as an elected representative was never my true desire.

When my wife Marie and I moved to Edenton four plus years ago from Richmond, our thoughts were to try and enjoy semi-retirement at our own pace. We were fortunate enough to be able to purchase our dream home in the historic district of this wonderful community. This time around however, we would be very selective as to where we would volunteer, being especially careful not to jump at every opportunity that presents itself. More quality time with each other was our goal. Easier said than done!

Shortly after relocating, I was asked to become involved in local politics. I soon discovered that there are a significant number of folks who would like to know more about what goes on politically from a local, state, national and world perspective and how these events all tie together to shape our lives.

I responded to that perceived need by starting a newspaper column entitled, “A Conservative’s Viewpoint” that now appears in many papers. It has been very well received. For the last two plus years this endeavor has become a labor of love. I have never missed a deadline in all of that time and have filed a column each and every week. These columns hopefully not only provided commentary for discussion and debate, but from a personal standpoint gave my life an additional sense of fulfillment and purpose.

With all of the research necessary to put a story or column together it is hard not to reflect individual bias. For that reason I chose a politically liberal editor with decades of experience at two metropolitan daily newspapers to oversee my work. Her job was not only to edit punctuation and see that I conformed to AP styling but to also try and keep me from becoming a conservative flame-thrower. She has been wonderful. I couldn’t have done it without her.

I tried to write in a style that was easy to read and understand. I realize not all agreed with me but if my column fostered respectful conversation, debate and consideration among readers from varying political perspectives, I did my job. I may not have always been successful, but I tried.

Circumstances have now deemed that the time has come for me to embark upon a different path. Our government in Washington and Raleigh as well as in many of our counties, cities, towns and villages has run off the tracks. I would love to continue writing about all that’s wrong at all levels of government while offering possible solutions to get us out of this mess, but that may not be enough. I’ve been working and praying that someone with noble intentions and no personal agenda (including that of becoming a career politician) would unselfishly step forward for the second district house seat. It hasn’t happened.

After much prayer and consternation and after months of unsuccessful attempts at recruiting a candidate to oppose Tim Spear, including right up through 4 PM today (Feb. 15), I have decided at this time I must announce my intentions to file to run for the people’s seat in North Carolina House district 2 before the filing deadline of 12 noon on Friday, Feb. 26.

To the many newspapers who featured my column and to the faithful readers who allowed it to continue and grow, I sincerely thank you. I couldn’t have asked for more. You are a large part of the heart and soul of America. And to that I say, thanks be to God.

For the entire period in which Bob has been writing his column, I have posted it here with my comments. I thought people would find it interesting to see the disagreements... and agreements... between an intelligent conservative and an opinionated libertarian. No matter how many times we disagreed, Bob was always courteous and intelligent in his responses. The dialog was always fun and I have come to admire him greatly.

I know how much he has agonized about this decision. I know from our previous discussions that he does not want this position for the wrong reasons. He cares greatly about our nation and our region. I do not endorse Bob lightly, but enthusiastically, even though I doubt we will always agree. With the attitude I have observed I am convinced Bob Steinburg will do a great job.

BMW Oracle Wins
The America’s Cup

by Staff - February 14th, 2010 - Associated Press (NY Times)

Pictures of the racing yacht referred to as BMW-Oracle

Still bundled against the cold in his white foul-weather gear, the software tycoon Larry Ellison hoisted the America’s Cup high in the air, then planted a kiss on it, the oldest trophy in international sports.

On February 14th, 2010, in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Valencia Spain, the most recent battle for what used to be the most prized trophy in sailing ended in victory by the American syndicate. The victory was won mostly by the money of a single rich, narcissistic, arrogant American computer tycoon with help from a German sponsor. There was little in the traditional spirit of the America's Cup involved in this effort to win the trophy back from the Italian team of Alinghi. The American boat, a magnificent technological marvel, does not even have a real name, having to race under the names of two corporations, one German and one American. It also has little American technology and few American crew.

Both of these boats were awesome technological marvels. Both were faster than anyone could ever imagine, turning light wind into blistering speed at a rate never believed possible until recently.

It will be interesting to see if this victory returns the America's Cup races into the spectacles of old, or whether the indifference of the public to recent bouts will continue.

Monday, February 15, 2010

A Conservative Viewpoint
- Basnight, Spear And
‘Basnight’s Pier’

Article by Bob Steinburg
- Edenton, North Carolina: Cradle of the Colony

In a recent column I shared a rumor with readers from sources that N. C. Rep. Tim Spear, D-Washington might vacate his second district House seat early next year to replace Sen. Marc Basnight, D-Dare who would be retiring due to lingering health concerns. This of course assumes both would be re-elected this November.

Soon after that column ran throughout the district and elsewhere, the Daily Advance in Elizabeth City and the Chowan Herald in Edenton, featured a front page story with the headline: “Basnight, Spear deny succession rumor.” In spite of their public protests, the rumors persist.

Basnight spokesperson Schorr Johnson said the rumor is “…..absolutely not true.” He (Basnight) is planning to seek re-election. He plans on seeking election two or five more terms.”

Basnight suffers from a neuro-degenerative condition of the cerebellum which is located in the rear part of the brain. Although he has suffered from dizzy spells and his speech is occasionally slurred, Basnight has said the disease won’t impede him from carrying out his legislative duties.

The newspapers also reported that Spear said he does not intend to “seek” Basnight’s seat if and when he steps down. My column never suggested Spear would seek anything, but rather that early next year he would be appointed to fill Basnight’s unexpired term should he retire. Spear goes on to say that “there is no way under the sun that someone could predict the appointment to fill a senatorial seat.” I disagree. If Basnight wants Spear to get his seat, it will happen. He is the most powerful politician in the state.

Spear cites his own appointment to the House in 2006 to try and make his point. He was appointed when former Rep. Bill Culpepper relinquished his seat in the House to take a seat on the state Utilities Commission. Eight Democrats from four counties determined who would fill that position. Basnight was supporting Spear. Anyone naïve enough to believe the Senator had no influence over the process is either living on another planet or totally ignorant of how the state Democratic machine works. Basnight’s influence has certainly not diminished since Spear was first appointed. Look for an instant replay early next spring.

Although Spear went to great lengths to refute my assertions, I was struck more by something he didn’t say than what he did.

Spear could have squelched any speculation about the veracity of this rumor by simply saying: “If I am re-elected to the House this November, I will fulfill my commitment to the voters of Chowan, Hyde, Washington and Dare counties who elected me to represent them in the N. C. House of Representatives. Under no circumstances will I accept an appointment to the state Senate before my full House term expires in 2012, even should such an appointment be offered.” To date no such voter assurance by Spear has been given. By his not doing so, it appears this could quite possibly be more of the same old Democratic smoke and mirrors that has too often been used to hide another back room, good-old-boy, wink and nod deal that has already been cut.

In a recent “Basnight’s Pier” article from, publisher Carter Wrenn refers to the $25 million reconstruction of Jennette’s Pier in Nags Head as the grandest fishing pier in existence, complete with a ballroom and restaurant. Wrenn reports that one of the companies involved in this project is Basnight Construction.

There were some in the media, including me, who wondered if Sen. Basnight had any connection to this company. When initially confronted he told reporters he hadn’t been affiliated with Basnight Construction in a decade. Upon further investigation the Civitas Institute found Basnight’s memory a bit off. The Raleigh think tank reviewed his official Senate Financial Disclosure Form, and discovered Basnight reported he had served as company president eight of the last 10 years.

Civitas also discovered Basnight Construction was awarded a sub-contract for the pier in December 2008 pending approval for funding of the project. Tim Spear was one of the sponsors of HB 628 “Aquariums Satellite Area Funding” that passed the House on April 9, 2009 and the state Senate on April 14 2009. Sen. Basnight voted yes on the passage of the bill. On Aug. 5, 2009, four months after this deal was signed, sealed and delivered; Basnight submitted his letter of resignation from the Board of Directors of Basnight Construction and transferred his 2800 shares of company stock to his now former business partner and cousin Jimmy Basnight.

It appears Sen. Basnight should be very appreciative of Spear for all of his help in delivering the bacon for Jennettes’s Pier. Now how might he thank him? Well, one way would be to once again work his magic and see that it is Spear who is appointed to succeed him in the Senate once he steps down. Not only would Spear be grateful for the added prestige that comes with serving in the upper chamber, but Basnight could keep skin in the game by allowing Spear to continue carrying his water.

The thing about rumors is that they are often difficult to pin down and prove true. But given the aforementioned, if there were ever a rumor that could be more than a rumor, this may be the one.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Inner Banks Humor

Saturday, February 06, 2010

It Will Be As If The American Founding Never Happened

Editorial - February 5th, 2010 - The Heritage Foundation

Forget George Washington, James Madison, Frederick Douglass, Abraham Lincoln—nothing meaningful happened in America before 1877.

That’s the lesson North Carolina public high schools may start teaching. Under proposed changes in their high school history curriculum, the U.S. History course (which seniors take) will cover events from 1877 forward only.

The progressive movement has been trying to make this change for more than 100 years. The goal is to gut love of our nation and turn our nation into a progressive utopia. You know, the kind of utopias that progressive socialists accomplished in communist Russia, fascist Germany and socialist Argentina.

This has long been an explicitly stated goal of the progressive movement. Why has North Carolina decided to adopt the goal? Because our education establishment is totally controlled by ideologically extremist progressives.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Inner Banks Philosophy

Jesse Jackson has repeatedly expressed admiration for Che Guevara. I wonder if he has read this quote from Che?

"The negro is lazy and indolent and spends all his money on frivolities and booze."
-- Che Guevara

Doesn't that sort of make you wonder what exactly it is that Jesse sees in this war mongering blood thirsty racist?

A Conservative Viewpoint
- Raleigh Democrats Need To Go

Article by Bob Steinburg
- Edenton, North Carolina: Cradle of the Colony

Enough is enough!

Voters in North Carolina have for too long had to endure a culture of corruption, deceit and cronyism by the ruling Democratic Party. While Democrats and Republicans can share the blame for many of the problems we’re experiencing on a national level, that’s not the case in Raleigh.

Democrats have reigned over our state capitol for most of the preceding 100 years. The arrogance that kind of absolute power breeds has allowed the Tar Heel state to become better known for political corruption than college basketball. It is incestuous, with its tentacles extending from the state capitol all the way down to many levels of municipal and county government.

I have never witnessed such blatant malfeasance on the part of a ruling party. It is so egregious that the folks have seemingly become numb to the perpetual aftershocks from one scandal after another.

If Democrats are allowed to continue their stranglehold on the state legislature after this November’s election, we can blame no one but ourselves. It will be more of the same old gruel we’ve been force fed for decades. With redistricting next year, many of these charlatans can further insulate themselves from the people they are suppose to be serving, while continuing to line their pockets for another decade. Boundaries will be redrawn that will remain favorable to Democrats, thus encouraging more of the same contemptible behavior.

Let’s take a look at some of these individuals:

• Ruffin Poole: He is often referred to as the “Little Governor.” Poole, former Democratic Gov. Mike Easley’s legal counsel and close aid, was indicted on Jan. 21 by a federal grand jury on 51 counts of corruption, including extorting money from key Easley supporters. Of course Poole is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

• Former state Rep. Thomas Wright: A Wilmington Democrat who while serving in the House was charged with falsely obtaining a $150,000 bank loan and for mishandling corporate contributions to his campaign, by depositing them in a personal account. Wright was found guilty in April 2008 and lost his appeal on November 3 last year. Wright is currently serving an eight year prison sentence.

• Former Democratic Speaker of the House Jim Black: Black in 2007 pled guilty to a federal felony public corruption charge after accepting funds from chiropractors while their professional group had legislation pending in the General Assembly. Black is serving a five-year, three month prison sentence.

• Meg Scott Phipps: The former Democratic State Agricultural Commissioner from Alamance served three years in prison for extortion. She was convicted in 2003 and released from prison in 2007.

• Former Rep. Frank Ballance: A Windsor Democrat, Ballance served in the state legislature in both the House and Senate for nine years before being elected to the U. S. House of Representatives in 2002. He represented the state’s 1st Congressional District. In June 2004, he resigned due to health issues. That September he was indicted on federal charges including money laundering and mail fraud. As part of a plea agreement, he was sentenced to four years in prison in 2005. Ballance was released last June.

Some state legislators want to serve forever. I doubt it’s just the camaraderie. Unlike their elected brethren in Washington, state representatives and senators don’t have lofty salaries and unlimited perks. They receive a modest per-diem when they are in session along with a relatively insignificant salary. Legislators receive just under $14K per year. The speaker of the House and the president pro-tem of the Senate receive approximately $38K annually. All have modest expense accounts.

I would like to think that our representatives are serving us for the common good. Some are, for sure. But why will someone spend up to $100,000 or more per campaign to seek reelection to a job that will pay them a fraction of that amount? I think I know. I suspect you do to. This November let’s finally do something about it. Go to the polls and vote and vote Democrats out of office.

Enough is enough!