Saturday, February 20, 2010

Majdic Won Bronze
With Collapsed Lung

by Staff - February 19th, 2010 - NBC Sports

Slovenian cross-country skier Petra Majdic had four broken ribs and a collapsed lung when she won a bronze medal earlier this week, injuries that will keep her out for the rest of the season...

There are some preformances that you can only watch in awe. Falling 3 meters (about 10 feet) down an embankment to land on your back on a boulder is not considered a good idea even if you are not about to start an event filled with world class athletes.

Doctors checked Petra Majdic for broken bones after her fall but somehow missed the fact that she had 4 fractured ribs. Duing the day's qualifying races, where she competed in such pain that she collapsed after each event, one of the ribs punctured her lung and caused it to collapse. Yet she finished the final race only yards behind two world class athletes, barely missing the gold medal. She still won the bronze, a trophy some amazing athletes have never been able to attain.

Actually I think she won a few gold medals in the hearts of anyone who admires guts and perseverence. If this is the kind of person Slovenia produces, it must be a pretty special place. Thank you Petra Majdic for an inspiring performance.


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