Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Inner Banks Humor - Politics

Colin Powell has this famous photograph to document his endorsement of Barack Hussein Obama for President. Note the calm and professional demeanor for which the former General, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs and Secretary of State is noted.

With his recent criticism of President Obama's decisions on national defense you have to wonder what he thinks of that endorsement today. It should be noted, blacks voted by an overwhelming 94% to 6% in favor of race (i.e. Barack Obama) in the 2008 election. That means that over two thirds of the 15% of blacks who are Republicans voted for Obama on the basis of race too.

It also explains the certainty with which so many blacks believe opposition to Obama is based on race. Their community proved that voting on race is the accepted norm for them so why is anyone surprised they project that motivation to others?

What is curious is the latest polls which indicate that 18% of blacks think that Obama is doing a bad job. This could be projected to assume that all of the blacks who are Republicans have returned to their conservative roots and are unhappy with Obama's extremist left wing positions. Yet it still indicates that a number of liberal blacks are unhappy with Obama too since the number who are unhapppy exceeds the number who are Republicans by nearly 20%. I would love to see more detail in this poll to understand exactly what is happening. Whatever it is, it cannot bode well for Obama going forward.


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