Thursday, March 25, 2010

Inner Banks Hypocrisy Alert

A book was written, the whole plot being the desire to see George W. Bush assassinated.

Bush was hung in effigy at a protest.

A movie was made showing Bush being assasinated.

Chris Matthews has fantasized on-air about seeing Rush Limbaugh shot in the head.

Sandra Bernhardt says she wants Sarah Palin gang raped.

Bill Maher wishes that Glenn Beck had been shot to death.

The person responsible for smashing windows at Democrat Headquarters in Denver was 24year-old "transgendered" Obama supporter Maurice Schwenkler.

At the 2008 GOP Convention, Democrat activists David McKay and Bradley Crowder planned to firebomb GOP convention-goers with Molotov cocktails.

Black conservative Ken Gladney was gang-stomped and repeatedly called "ni**er" by four Obama-supporting SEIU union goons at a Town Hall meeting in St. Louis, Missouri.

Obama-supporting Democrats Daniel Meinecke and Cara Hindman attacked campaign workers at GOP headquarters in Galax, Virginia.

These were not anonymous unproven accusations by unknown people. They were public attacks by leading Democrats and prominent progressives. Of course none of these acts upset the MSM in the least. However the claim that someone uttered an insult and others made vague threats against Democrats after the health care vote has created a firestorm in the press. "How dare these vicious conservatives not control their supporters" is the new mantra.

Even here though the comparison is ironic. Democrats are complaining about bricks being thrown through the window of unoccupied Democrat headquarters. While at the same time bullets are being fired into occupied Republican Senate offices. Which have you seen reported in the press?

Thanks to blogger flatwater for the above list.


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