Monday, March 22, 2010

Perrytown -
Bar-B-Cue Chicken Dinner

The Volunteers of Perrytown delivered a Great Meal.

(From left) Allen Simons, Tommy Northcutt, Tom Jones (Candidate for local Judge) and Alvin Basnight.

(From left) Evy Hughes, Matt Simons, Julie and Jennifer Simons, Lindsey and Allen Simons.

(From left) Judy Freeman, Peggy Brown (looking down to avoid the camera), Mary Ellen Cullipher, Donna Morris and Pam Lawrence.

(From left) Charles Cullipher, Bud Lee and Jimmy Pearce.

The take out line provided most of the over 1,000 meals produced. There were a couple of hundred people who showed up without tickets who could not be served because they ran out of chicken. Next year, they need to buy tickets so we can plan enough to feed them!

Honorable mention must go to Joe Alexander of the Windsor fire department. He showed up early to help out and tripped over a trailer hitch while it was still dark. As a result he cut his leg badly. Or so he thought. After walking around on it for a while he was persuaded to go to the doctor. It was broken. I have heard stories of people playing a game of football with a broken arm but this is the first time I have ever heard of someone working for a charitable event with a broken leg. Joe is clearly tougher than we previously believed. Hope the leg heals fast, Joe.

Sponsored by the Perrytown Volunteer Fire Department.

All proceeds benefitted the Perrytown Volunteer Fire Department.


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