Sunday, March 21, 2010

Washington Rally Reports
- By People Who Were There

The pictures below are from Garry Terry. The text from Lisa Marley. Americans who represented us in the city of socialism. I thank them both for fighting for our freedoms.

Update on Obamacare from DC... Thanks to all of you who have spent hours calling, emailing, faxing your representatives! It HAS made a difference!! This bill would have passed long ago, if they had the votes. Congress members that we met on the street in DC today who are voting against this bill tell us that we still NEED your help right NOW! Not next week, but Sunday! We're within 3 votes!

Folks, I don't know how to say this in a nice way, this is like Pearl Harbor, but the enemy is within. WE have a duty as American citizens to stand against those within our government who would threaten our liberty. Our liberty is UNDER attack right now.

I'm glad that people showed up, but it should have been more like a million plus for what is truly at stake. We all have busy lives, but think back to the sacrifices that your parents, grandparents and our current military who put their lives on the line everyday to keep us free!! That freedom is at stake.

I'm very troubled by reports on Geraldo ( FOX News ) tonight about racial slurs that were supposedly hurled against a group of black legislators that passed by the crowd assembled between the Capitol and the Congressional offices today. I was in that crowd on the opposite side of the street watching that particular group go by. I didn't hear a single racial slur, but what I did hear were the same vehement pleas to Congress members, both black and white that passed by us to Kill the Bill. Those in support, black or white gave us a thumbs up or if not, they marched by us stoically, as we increased our yells to Kill the Bill. This particular group all came out together, would not face the crowd. People in the crowd booed, but I never heard anyone around me say anything racially derogatory. Those around me were mad, about the injustice of the bill, but no racial slurs.

It sounds to me like more of the same... ram it down our throats at any cost, results justify the means, attack the messenger ... that is - Saul Alinsky the crowd... simply to distract from the message.

Who knows if there were really people who yelled this sort of thing whether they were part of our loosley associated grassroots group or there with another agenda? There are tunnels that run between the Capitol and these office buildings. Knowing there was an angry crowd of protestors, the majority of those Congress members voting Yea took the tunnels to avoid seeing the protests. In fact, the President did a similar evasive move. We had been told by Congress members against the bill that the President was scheduled to pass through that very intersection where we were all gathered on his way to another give away session to Dems at the Capitol. He never did. Later we determined that they snuck him in another route, perhaps by helicopter to avoid seeing the large number of Americans that had travelled from all across the nation to protest this bill. So, did this group perhaps have an agenda? Who knows?

Keep up the fight tomorrow - on the phones and email. Those of you who are here tonight in Washington, see you tomorrow in the "Halls of Congress"! Never Give UP!!

Good Night


At 7:13 PM , Blogger Siobhan said...

why is free universal health care so bad? it gives everyone a chance to have care to save their lives without the burden of money, poor health is mostly something one cannot control. Here in England it has been like this for years and never a problem, the NHS is the best thing about this country and I don't understand Americas problem with it, it's the best thing obama could put in place.

At 12:30 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

How is this being crammed down our throats? This country elects Representatives and Senators who voted as a majority to pass a bill. Here in America we call this Democracy.

At 8:41 PM , Blogger Dean Stephens said...

75% of Americans had great health care. The problem is their health care will be as lousy as the rest of the world under this new plan. Why should the best health care system in the world be destroyed to serve the 25% when the 75% will pay, not just for the 25% but lose their own great care as well?


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