Monday, May 24, 2010

Inner Banks Progressive Alert

These are the things that are known about Barack Obama that have not yet been covered in the Main Stream Media. They love these facts because the press, at least the MSM, are also progressive extremists like Obama. However they know that the American people will not appreciate these facts. So they never mention them. They never will.

- He was raised by a mother and grandparents who were communists and atheists.
- He was raised as a Muslim for several years while growing up in Indonesia.
- He was closely mentored for years by a communist pedophile.
- He went to Pakistan at a time when he was supposed to be attending Columbia.
- No one credible, and at this point that includes only two extreme liberals, remembers him attending classes at Columbia, though he got college credits for being there. (He had his records sealed so no one can explain how he did this. Why won't he open his records?)
- He proclaimed himself a Marxist while in college.
- He attended a Black Liberation (i.e. Marxist) Church for 20 years.
- He is extremely secretive and is abusing Executive Privilege more than any President in history.
- He is ordering executive branch departments to write regulations as if they have the power of law reserved to the legislative branch.
- He is being mocked by our enemies as no President in history.
- He has apologized for America more than any President in history.
- He actually said, "We live in the greatest nation on earth. Please help me to fundamentally transform it!"
- He took the deficit of George W. Bush, something he condemned while a Senator and candidate, and tripled it for both of his first two years in office, with plans to increase it more in the coming years.

I have to ask. How is that hopey changey thingey working out for you?


At 7:19 AM , Blogger Ralph said...

What is a "progressive extremist"? What is your evidence that the "press are also progressive extremists"? Does this apply to columnists like Cal Thomas and Pat Buchanan?

What is wrong with being an atheist? Great men like Isaac Asimov, Richard Feynman, and Alan Turing were atheists.

What is your evidence that Frank Marshall Davis was a pedophile? This is a serious charge, so you should be prepared to back it up.

Your claim that "no one remembers [Obama] attending classes at Columbia" is a lie, as can easily be verified with even the most cursory search: and

Does being a patriot include lying for your country?


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