Monday, October 11, 2010

Man Streaks In Front Of Obama

... for $1 Million

by Daniel Halper - October 19th, 2010 - The Weekly Standard

If billionaire Alki David is an honest man, the man who streaked in front of Barack Obama at the president’s rally today in Philadelphia will be paid $1 million for his stunt. The man who performed today’s stunt, which captured the attention of the Drudge Report and an Associated Press photographer, is 24-year-old Juan James Rodriguez, THE WEEKLY STANDARD has learned.

David is a billionaire shipping and bottling magnate who is known to carry out stunts, mainly by paying others to perform them. As The Sun reported on August 17: "A WACKY billionaire has offered $1million (£638,700) to the first person who streaks in front of US President Barack Obama. Loaded Alki David has promised to pay out the cash — providing the streaker writes the name of his website 'Battlecam' across their chest."

It is clearly true that our world is getting wonkier and wonkier. Of course it is arguable that Obama has been conducting acts not significantly less bizarre every time he trots out his teleprompter and starts insulting his enemies with lies so obvious that an idiot could see through them.

I just can't wait for the next Obama speech to see who "streaks" that one! I vote for a tall blonde with a great figure since that is the kind of woman I have always been attracted to. Maybe we should start a contest and the winner gets to streak the event with a head start on the cops!


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