Thursday, December 02, 2010

The Cost Of Obama Tyranny

Generic Colchicine has for more than 40 years been a key drug in managing the pain associated with gout. Not any more. Not unless you are rich. The Obama dominated tyrants in the FDA decided that they needed to "review" this drug, so they pulled it from the shelves of our drug stores. There were no problems associated with the drug other than the "problem" that the FDA wanted to control the provider companies more tightly under new rules that Obama pushed for under the health care bill.

Rather than spend several millions dollars to redo the useless tests and file the extensive paperwork required to get "permission" to keep making this drug that has been so effective for 40 years, it was abandoned by every manufacturer except one. In order to recover the millions spent by that one manufacturer, now a monopoly, the cost of the drug has gone up dramatically.

How much?

Last year 30 pills cost $4. Now 30 pills costs $260.

That is right. That is the cost of Obama tyranny for people with gout. This is just one example among tens of thousands of actions where the tyranny of Obama bureaucrats will affect the lives of millions of innocent citizens who have done nothing wrong. Two of my daily drugs have vastly increased prices thanks to Obama's new FDA initiative. Both are now more for each drug per month than ALL my drugs were before the price increases. This is not just insane, it is incompetent. Even after I dropped Colchicine entirely my drug costs have gone up 400% in one month.

What happened to reducing health care costs?


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