Monday, February 14, 2011

Inner Banks Humor

The federal budget has been increased by more than a trillion dollars in the last two years and is now up to three point eight trillion dollars. However our legislators cannot figure out how to cut even a hundred billion from that recently bloated budget. Instead they are screaming like stuck pigs that their favored constituencies cannot survive if one hundred billion is cut.

That is by the way, two percent of the budget. TWO PERCENT! One hundred billion is only ten percent of what they have recently increased our expenditures by! Has any thought been given to reversing the last two years of vast increases and then cutting another 2%?

Progressives see no problem with raising taxes by fifteen percent. A FIFTEEN PERCENT tax increase on just those who currently pay all of our taxes! Never a dime on that 50% who do not currently pay ANY taxes. Of course that should be easy because it is YOU the taxpayers, not THEM the tax receivers, that have to make the cuts in your expenditures, not theirs.

Does that make sense to you?


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