Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Inner Banks Perspective

Inflation is rapidly increasing, perhaps to hyperinflation levels.

National bankruptcy is imminent and both parties are fiddling around arguing over a 2% cut while we borrow 25% of everything we spend.

National Debt will increase as much this YEAR as it increased in a four year TERM of George W. Bush -- who we used to think of as a profligate spender until Obama taught us the real meaning of the term.

Interest costs on the national debt will triple this year.

The Middle East is exploding, Islamist extremism on the rise, and Republican leadership is claiming to be happy with Obama indecision.

The war on drugs has created massively profitable cartels who are using the profits we have sent them to invade our borders and kill our citizens.

Our courts are collapsing with corruption as extortion, blackmail, and revolving door sentences make a mockery of justice.

Unemployment among our young is approaching 40%.

We have adopted a treaty which our treaty partner insists blocks our right to defend our nation from nuclear missiles.

Our President is appointing massive numbers of public officials, referred to as czars, without the Constitutionally required approval of the Senate.

I could go on and on -- but just this short list has become so depressing that I simply cannot continue. I'm going to take a nap. Call me if anything positive happens.


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