Thursday, February 10, 2011

Inner Banks - Politics

Looking out the window of my house on the Chowan River, the yard is covered with snow for the fourth time this year. This is despite the fact that we have avoided 3 other major snow storms by only a few miles, as the weather went just far enough north that little snow fell here in Colerain even though it brought Washington DC to a halt all 3 times. This is more cold weather and snow in our region than anyone alive can ever remember. With the 4 that hit us and the 3 that barely missed, today could easily have been the 7th major snow storm in an area that has rarely seen two storms in one year.

Serious scientists are reporting the evidence building up to suggest we are entering, at the least, another little ice age if not a major ice age. At the same time, global warming fanatics are raging that these scientists should not be allowed to report these findings because they do not want it to be true.

What is happening in Washington? Hearings are being held to stop the Obama EPA from unilaterally enforcing a huge increase in energy costs to stop a hypothetical global warming they still insist is the most serious risk we face. Despite the lack of scientific proof, even contradictory evidence, Obama has claimed to accept the premise that America must charge forward with a war against global warming as if the case is settled.

The global socialist movement decided more than 20 years ago to promote global warming as a political solution to increase governmental power and central planning. This agenda has been reported and well proved. The czars of the Obama administration, all from the global socialist movement, have publicly dedicated themselves to this political agenda. How can we trust anything they say about global warming when this corrupt agenda of the left is so well known?

Global warming is not science, it is politics.


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