Sunday, March 27, 2011

Reality Is In Short Supply
When Obama Lies

The United States is now an active participant in a UN "no fly zone". It is not a war. It is a kinetic military action. A fraudulent meaningless name specifically invented to avoid calling what we are doing war.

So let's look at this non-war "no fly zone" and see what it means. It started with shooting down planes, bombing airports and destroying anti-aircraft facilities to protect the allied planes that were doing all the "no fly zone" enforcement. Yet it quickly was determined that Libya had adjusted to our efforts and was continuing to win the civil war.

Even repeatedly denying that Qaddafi's forces were Libyan by insisting that this was a war by Qaddafi against "the Libyan people" did not change the fact that Qaddafi was winning. Woops. What to do now? Simple solution. We stop other things from "flying".

So we started bombing tanks, military units, artillery and fortifications of Qaddafi. We could not allow these things to "fly" now could we? We were there to stop things from flying and by God we were not going to allow things to fly. So we have extended this non-war no-fly-zone into full scale war - clear to any objective observer who is not a gullible idiot.

Yet Obama still insists it is simply a UN supported no-fly-zone non-war. One more example that you cannot believe anything that Obama says.


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