Saturday, June 11, 2011

Barack Obama Orders Israel
To Abandon Its Natural Borders

The Arabs attack Israel and lose the land that they won in the 1948 war against Israel. That second war was in 1967, only 19 years after the Arabs had taken by war land given to Israel in the partition of the British territory that created Jordan and Israel. Israel won this land back after having been given this land as their birthright. Arabs took the land by force in 1948. They feel it is theirs. Israel takes it back by force in 1967 even though that war was started by the Arabs too. According to Obama, the land is not theirs. They have to give it back.

By what logic does Obama demand Israel give it back? Why the logic that Jews have no rights to live in peace anywhere in the word. Obama accepts that incomprehensible position which the Arabs promote as reasonable.

Can someone stop this insane maniac before he blows up the entire world?


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