Thursday, June 23, 2011

Obama And Courts Strip
Non-Union Employees
Of Their Pensions

The bankruptcies of both GM and Chrysler are typical of the total corruption of the American Court System. A couple of rational rulings this week encouraged some to start talking again about what a great system we have. It was quickly proved it was a lie. Our court system is rampant corruption from top to bottom. The judges, both left and right, care more about their totalitarian power than they care about justice. That is why they stood by as Obama appointees stripped non-union employees of pensions they were due under bankruptcy law even as they illegally gave union employees pensions and benefits they were not due.

Why else except corrupt judges do illegal invaders, career criminals, union thugs, government goons and corrupt legislators get more rights than innocent victims and private citizens? A veteran Marine is murdered in his house by a SWAT team, just as hundreds of other innocent people (who like the Marine were never charged with a crime) have been murdered by police. Nothing will be done. The judges do not care.

And this is proved with the new knowledge coming out in emails that it was not just preferred stock holders, bond holders and secured creditors who were all raped to protect the unions. The salaried employees and non union employees were also stripped of their rights.

There is no justice in America. Not in the silly childish corrupt and tyrannical game of court under which we live. Obama is using that corruption to destroy our freedoms.


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