Saturday, July 30, 2011

Curious Vote

Six Republican Senators voted to table the House Bill to end the Debt Ceiling crisis. What is curious is why they did it? These are the six Republican Senators.

Rand Paul, Kentucky
David Vitter, Louisiana
Mike Lee, Utah
Orrin Hatch, Utah
Lindsey Graham, South Carolina
Jim DeMint, South Carolina

The two South Carolina Senators, DeMint and Graham, voted to table the bill in support of the entire South Carolina Republican caucus. They voted against the bill in the House because it did not cut enough spending. Certainly this was not the reason every single Senate Democrat voted to table the bill. They wanted increased spending and tax increases and are unalterably opposed to a balanced budget amendment ever becoming law. This is the total opposite of these two Republicans. Yet these two diametrically opposed camps voted the same way. Curious.

I have not heard what motivated the other four Republicans. However I would sure like to know why they voted to table the bill. Send me an email with links if you see any articles that explain their votes.

[Update - Mike Lee and Rand Paul announced their opposition to the deal based on the belief that the cuts will never happen. So they join the SC delegation in opposing the deal for reasons opposite to the Democrats. Still have found no explanation for the opposition of Vitter and Hatch.]


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