Friday, July 01, 2011

Joke Of The Year

Wes Pruden has written the funniest news story this year with the following:

Bill Clinton, who is no longer president except in his own mind, suggests that the solution to the budget dilemma is to agree to both cut spending and raise taxes, but not actually do either one. “What I’d like to see them do is agree on the outlines of a 10-year plan and agree not to start either [raising taxes] or the spending cuts until we’ve got this recovery underway,” Bubba told ABC News in Chicago, where he is holding forth at something called the “Clinton Global Initiative.” Finally, a plan —promising something and then not delivering — any politician could master.

There was a time when Bill Clinton would have been too astute to say something this stupid. You have to wonder, has he listened to Barack Obama for so long he is starting to become as radical and irrational as Obama?


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