Thursday, August 04, 2011

America On The Brink

by Dean Stephens

In the aftermath of the debt ceiling crisis it is not uncommon to read articles that predict a continuation of our economic doldrums. The shell games that were being played by Geithner and Bernanke to hide the fact that we had exceeded the debt ceiling had to be undone quickly. In the process of undoing these hidden scams, they used up 60% of the debt ceiling increase in a SINGLE DAY. the increase was supposed to mean it would be 2013 before we would hit the ceiling again, but it will not last that long. As much and as fast as Barack Obama is spending, we will run out of money again long before next year's election. We will have this entire discussion again and Obama will blame it again, not on his spending, but on Republicans refusing to be 'fair' and increase taxes on the rich.

Obama is not alone in seeking scapegoats. Progressives all over the world are using emergency fixes for long term problems that will not go away just because they wish they would go away. Socialism is a creeping failure. Europe has been riding on the backs of American productivity for two generations. Their dependence on government spending was hidden by their ability to export to America. However after more than twenty years of sending our jobs overseas, America no longer has the excess capacity to absorb the exports of the entire world. With no other profitable economies to absorb their exports, and with third world nations increasing their exports to fund their own socialist programs, the global economy is grinding to a halt. The result is that world wide, socialist nations are coming unraveled. Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Italy are merely the first wave. Socialism is always a failure. Always. Yet you cannot get the delusional progressives to accept that.

That is why Barack Obama is already talking about another stimulus bill. Just like FDR, progressive politicians of today will not believe that taxing and borrowing from the private economy ultimately destroys the private economy. The tale of "the goose that laid the golden eggs" was something that earlier generations understood. No young people today even know the story, much less believe it. For the private economy to recover, regulations must be ended so that private businesses can organize to create jobs. That takes an extended period of time of stability that government will never allow. Government goons must always fiddle to justify their own existence. Stability is not in their DNA.

We face other global crises as well. China is in desperate need to fix its shortage of marriageable women, a direct result of its one child policy. That is driving them towards a war to take over Taiwan, which also satisfies their nationalistic pride.

North Korea is collapsing, creating another trigger point in Asia. At the same time, Japan is weak militarily, has a huge aging population and its dependence on U.S. forces leaves it vulnerable if the region becomes unstable. Obama has made it clear, America is no longer a reliable ally for anyone.

The middle east is coming apart. The Islamo-fascists are gaining strength in Turkey, Egypt, Pakistan, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Saudi Arabia and within several other minor players as well. They have been solidly in control in Iran since Carter's screw ups. Neither Iraq nor Afghanistan have stable governments that are confident of surviving the regional trends, despite all the billions that George W. Bush threw at them. With most in America not truly understanding the risk to world stability that Islamo-fascism represents, an intelligent plan to defeat Islam has not emerged.

We also face a serious problem here in the Americas with nations such as Cuba and Venezuela supporting the larazan racist movement in conjunction with an ideological commitment to communism. With the blurred lines between the Aztlantists, La Razanists and Communists, few in America even accept that this is a movement that we need to fear. That ignorance is a mistake we will come to regret.

This means we are facing threats in Asia, the Middle East and the Americas, all at the same time. All three movements are serious threats. All three would be a challenge if we were economically sound. As noted above, these threats come at a time (just like the last century in the thirties) when America has its own economic problems.

The great depression was a major contributing factor to World War II. The current great recession could easily become a new great depression. As that happens, America will weaken itself voluntarily, just as we did in the last century. This reaction is likely to lead to the first nuclear world war. Weakness always attracts enemies to attack you.

It saddens me to realize how few see the growing threats for the catastrophe they will become. The world's economic problems will aggravate these other ideological movements to seek extreme measures. People become more accepting of irrational solutions as their economic conditions worsen.

Despite the recent vote on the debt ceiling, we are still on the brink of some horrible consequences. Yet many still seek the easy answer for the immediate crisis and ignore the growing warnings of disaster just over the horizon. America is on the brink of some truly bad times.


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