Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Barack Obama And The
'Magical Misery Tour'
- Buses Built In Canada!

Best quote of the day is from Lucianne, "Obama's $1 million plus non-campaign bus will drive him around his non-campaign 3 day whirl giving non-campaign speeches."

Nobody is fooled that this "Magical Misery Tour" in Obama's built in Canada depressingly black "Death Star" buses with their painted out windows is not a totally illegal taxpayer funded campaign junket. Nobody.

The irony is his touting his green jobs program in the same week that one of his favorite green job companies went bankrupt. They failed even after they moved all the American taxpayer funded jobs to China. They can't make their green nonsense profitable even with the huge subsidies of tax dollars they got from Obama!

Michelle Malkin had a great quote. "Obama is on his bus tour surveying all the damage he has done to the American economy."


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