Thursday, October 20, 2011

Still My Favorite Car
Shelby Cobra 427

I owned one of these in British racing green back during the sixties. I had to sell it since I could not afford the speeding tickets. Sure wish I still had it. What an amazing machine! Zero to sixty in four seconds. Zero to a hundred and back to a complete stop in twelve seconds.

It was awesome.


At 1:14 PM , Blogger Ellsworth said...

Such a shame that you had to give up such a gorgeous car! I’d definitely be very jealous if I saw you driving down my road in that! Zero to sixty in four seconds flat is VERY fast though, I’m sure I’d have to hold on to my hats if I saw you racing down the blacktop and headed my way!

Ellsworth Mciltrot

At 9:20 AM , Blogger Erwin Calverley said...

There’s something about the classic look of this car that I just love. I don’t know why, but it reminds me of Austin Powers’ Shaguar. I’d probably switch the wheels with slightly thinner ones though, maybe with 20” x 7” wheels. I’d love to see this in black and red too.

Erwin Calverley


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