Thursday, January 26, 2006

"Life Goes On"
Dress Rehearsal

Last evening the cast got to see what the play will look like Friday night when the curtain goes up for "Life Goes On".

Below are some of the scenes with actors in costume for the first time in "Life Goes On". This is always a special time as the play starts to become "real"!

Dress Rehearsal Means Opening Night Is Coming (Rene' Winslow, Peggy Temple, Sam Tackett And Bob Bryan In Costume For George's Demise)

Earl Spence and Mike Lefler (Balif Melvin Reid and Judge George Smith)

Raven Spence Makes The Cast Beautiful

Mike Lefler And Sam Tackett (Judge George And Harriet Smith)

Rene' Winslow And Bob Bryan (Nellie and Roger Norris)

Peggy Temple And Garrett Maroney (Ann and Dr. Herb Witherspoon)

Shelbie Palermo And Donna Eckart (Lawyer Ward And Lawyer Stallings)


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