Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Over Reaching And Over Reading

Article by Dr. Ada Fisher
- NC Republican National Committee Woman

One thing I have to give Mr. Obama credit for is he certainly knows how to run the gambling table with Pelosi as his muse. Whether this will bring him good luck or election defeats is yet to be fully seen.

The Obama Administration, like that of Richard Nixon, doesn’t have the involvement of voices of moderation or a seeming sense of the best financial interest of the country. Tackling a war as a litmus test which England, Russia and others before in Afghanistan found unwinnable and then failing to follow the advice of his own generals seems irrational from one with no military experience. Backing health insurance reform while morally right, at a cost of a trillion dollars and furthering a national debt owned by other foreign nations is dead wrong. Closing Guantanomo with no place to send these folks and putting them on US soil which may subject them to an already overburdened court system, where justice is too often denied and delayed, seems no solution. Don’t ask don’t tell in this administration may not seem to work; but choosing to ignore the voices of voters who uniformly support the Defense of Marriage Act when given a chance to vote is a concerning pattern.

If you disagree or attack President Obama his color shield is silencing those who most need to speak up and say how his taxes are killing off our businesses and harming many black as well as destitute communities. Obama’s wanting to be all things to all people, may leave each of us with little or nothing for ourselves. Though it is nice to have a seemingly model family in the White House, it would be nicer to come up with public policies that get people off the public dole and on their feet without prolonged subsidies courtesy of the taxpayers who themselves are having trouble making ends meet.

If the Republican Party is to be effective, it can not wallow in negativism. Our responses to problems must not only feel the pain of our citizens but offer a healing balm which will allow bodies to heal from inside out. We call that Individual Responsibility. The party must be future focused as a standard bearer for freedom, democracy and the US Constitution - where we put citizens first.

Those who think Virginia and New Jersey 2009 elections are telling are correct. But what they are telling is that Independents' ranks grow strong even though they are so far unwilling to form their own party. It also notes voices of moderation which put people first and hold firm to principles have the best chance of governing, not those who are inflexible or forget the business of America is business as Hoover said.

Less we forget, when all is said and done, it’s still about the Economy stupid.

Dr, Fisher is a physician noted for her practical solutions for delivering cost effective medical care. She can be reached at DrFisher@GETADOCTORINTHEHOUSE.com


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