Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Progressive Violence Alert

The violence by progressive Democrats continues to be ignored by the Main Stream Media.

Allee Bautsch, a young lady who works as chief fund raiser for Governor Bobby Jindal, was beaten and kicked after a recent Republican event in New Orleans, despite attempts by her boy friend to defend her. She suffered a broken leg in the vicious attack. She has four breaks in her leg and a rod that goes down the entire center of her leg with seven screws. She has a screw through her entire ankle, which was also broken. She was stomped repeatedly by five assailants.

Her boy friend's jaw and nose were broken and he suffered a concussion due to blows to his head. Her attackers were reported as saying that the reason for the beating was that Allee and Joe were wearing Sarah Palin pins, but Jindal's office says they weren't.

Though that may be unclear - what is clear is that hypothetical potential violence against Democrats (in the form of words that Democrats are offended by) is immmediately denouced as "violence" by the press (even if the words were never said). Conversely it is politically incorrect to even speculate that the Democrat mob outside the restaurant Allee and Joe had just left might have anything to do with this brutal attack.

Joe Brown and Allee Bautsch (from her Facebook page)

This is reminiscent of the earlier beat down by SEIU Union thugs of a black entrepreneur, Kenneth Gladney, who was selling "Don't tread on me" flags at a TEA Party event.

Kenneth Gladney (In wheel chair after attack)

It is obvious that our media will NEVER report attacks by liberals on conservatives, even while they invent lies about slurs that were never uttered in order to complain about conservatives inciting violence.

Freedom of speech has been subverted by progressives into freedom to lie without consequence.


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