Monday, August 30, 2010

Restoring Honor Rally Geese Flyover

There are times when things happen that cannot be dismissed as mere coincidence. Start with the fact that Glen Beck could not get approval for a flyover of military aircraft even though a major component of the rally was to honor military service by some magnificent soldiers.

As a great substitute the incredible canadian geese flyover at the Restoring Honor Rally is one of those amazing miracles that will stand for all time. At the exact moment of the start of the rally, a beautiful formation of canadian geese came over the world War II memorial, flew right down the middle of the reflecting pool and over the Lincoln Memorial, finishing as the music started to play to begin the event. It was spine tingling and amazing. The soldiers got their flyover. One that is unique.

A comment you hear again and again from those who were there, "It gave me chills!"

here to see the video.


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