Friday, October 15, 2010

History In Windsor

The last time we know that Bertie County had a campaign headquarters for the Republican Party was "shortly after the Civil War", back in the 1800s, when Republicans dominated Bertie County politics. As my mother Nancy Adams noted (front right, red coat, holding the ribbon in the pictures below), that is almost 50 years before she was born. Mom is proud of the fact that she is approaching 90. 140 years is a long time.

Since the 1890s, Republicans have not even had any elected officials here. We are, as anyone will tell you, a Democrat stronghold. One person who plans to change that is Timothy Johnson, Chairman of the Frederick Douglas Foundation, and Vice Chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party. I would not bet against him. His personal motto is "Agitate, agitate, agitate." He is a fun guy to be around.

Timothy and his wife, Latessa, drove a long distance to assure that they were a part of the Grand Opening of the Bertie County Republican Headquarters buidling yesterday. Timothy served as the honored official who cut the ribbon for the historic ceremony.

Local candidates Harvey Ginn, Rich Halbert and Matthew Peeler were present for the ceremony, along with Garry Terry, Chairman of the Bertie County Republcan Party. The rest of the crowd are a number of local Republicans excited about the occassion. Everyone wanted to meet the well liked Vice Chairman and welcome him back to our county. He is becoming a regular here in his efforts to spread the word of both the Republican Party and the Frederick Douglas Foundation.


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