Thursday, January 13, 2011

Inner Banks Humor - Obama

President Obama decided that the appropriate forum to hold a memorial service was a stadium.

President Obama felt that the proper dress for a solemn memorial was T-Shirts with a slogan which let people identify themselves as attendees.

President Obama believed that the proper atmosphere for a memorial was pep rally cheering, and encouraged the crowd to get wound up and excited. [1/16/2011 - It has now been reported that the cheering which seemed so out of place, was actually encouraged by repeated messages of "Applause" that were flashed on the jumbotron for the crowd. Obama not only reads his speeches from a teleprompter, they use a large version to tell his crowd how to react!]

To encourage their enthusiasm he made sure that everyone knew that after visiting and touching Congresswoman Gifford, one of those injured in the event, she woke up from her coma as a direct result of his intervention. He has not yet tried to touch any of the 6 dead to see if his magic will bring them back to life.

The MSM has reported that the speech was "pitch perfect" and had a magnificent "unifying power."

They must have missed his subtle but clear attacks. To satisfy his supporters, Obama included snide allusions against the "tone of political debate" obviously meant as a condemnation of his political opponents. The partisan crowd "got it" and they cheered his attack.

Despite being a former lawyer, Obama also directly contradicted his own prosecutor's basis for filing federal charges in the killing of Judge Roll. You would think a lawyer would have recognized the ignorance of telling a story proclaiming a truth that sabotaged a federal prosecution.

However, the most important review is Obama's own. Despite the shortcomings noted above, Obama is pleased with his own "performance" and had his press secretary make a statement telling the world that his goal was to provide "examples of what some of those that lost their lives in this accident can teach us." He is very proud that he accomplished that. ACCIDENT? Accident? He thinks this was an accident?

The religious component for the pep rally was provided by a "Medicine man" in costume, who curiously did not represent the religion of a single one of the dead or injured.

In keeping with the theme of focusing on the Obamas, the University of Arizona president recited sections of "Baby Got Back" by Sir Mixalot and dedicated it to Michelle. He did not make clear exactly what that had to do with memorializing the six dead, or the injured. You know. The claimed purpose of the event.

President Reagan made a famous 4 minute speech to memorialize the dead in the space shuttle tragedy. President Obama decided that to make his speech a more important one, he needed to make it longer. So he droned on for 32 minutes. Take that Ronald Reagan.


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