Sunday, March 06, 2011

Outcry Continues
Over Lamb’s Pay Hike

by Cal Bryant - March 5th, 2011 - Roanoke-Chowan News-Herald

Mr. Lamb has had accomplishments as our county manager. That is what is expected. There are many in the county that would also argue his accomplishments have come with a cost. However, this story is not about that. It is about how in the depths of our greatest recession, our executive, already significantly leading the region in compensation, receiv[ed] a 46% compensation increase when everyone else is being told to hold the line. Also, it is about how the commissioners were not forthcoming and transparent when the raise occurred or when it was first brought to light. This county manager increase over 10 years will cost the county over $500,000.

This is a war of determination. The Bertie County Commissioners are convinced that it is so long until they come up for re-election that they can simply ignore those who are upset. They still are so arrogantly indifferent to what the people are angry about that they do not believe they will be held accountable. The last sentence in this article by "Friends of Bertie – Rescind the Raise" notes, Zee Lamb will receive a half million dollars MORE than he would already have made as the highest paid county manager in this area.

This is not just. This must not stand.


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