Sunday, April 03, 2011

The Unified Theory Of Obama

by Clarice Feldman - April 3rd, 2011 - The American Thinker

Barack is not one person. The man we know as Barack Obama is really two people, identical (possibly conjoined at the head Janus-like but later separated) twins. Don't laugh. I'll explain.


Why does he have this incredibly long scar that covers the sides and back of his head? We've never seen his medical records, to my knowledge, and he's given no explanation for this phenomenon that I can see, but see for yourself. Something most odd has caused a scar from one side of his head to another curving up over the crown:

Let's suppose that he was born a conjoined at the head twin and the surgery left its mark, that in fact one twin got the rhythm and cool -- let's call that one "Candidate Obama" -- and he was the one who so charmed people who should have known better like Peggy Noonan and David Brooks. The other was thicker witted and needed folks like Bill Ayers and his own smarter twin to pull him through. Let's call that one "President Obama."


But what if he were twins? One of them (Candidate Obama) could sit in an adjoining room writing up the answers from an open book while the other (President Obama) walked back and forth without arousing the proctors' suspicions. Maybe they even took turns each semester, with one doping up and having fun while the other worked. Perhaps that explains how he can claim he attended Columbia for two years when that school has records of him being there for only 9 months.


Clarice may be doing this tongue in cheek, but it is really a very sarcastic put down of a man who never tells the truth.

You have to wonder, what is that scar?


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