Friday, January 20, 2012

Obama Energy Policy

by John Ransom (On Facebook)

America BORROWED money from CHINA to give foreign aid to BRAZIL so Brazil can drill for oil that it sells to CHINA while we PAY INTEREST TO CHINA ON THE MONEY WE BORROWED from them to provide them the oil from Brazil. Meanwhile Obama refuses to drill for oil here, or even allow Oil refineries in America that are sitting idle to import oil via the Keystone pipeline from Canada to refine for our use in America - so Canada sells that oil to China as well."

That about sums up Obama's energy policy in a nutcase.

Nutcase is right!


At 10:45 PM , Blogger Michael Alexander said...

100% Correct!

Another question is WHY and HOW China recieved the mining rights in Aybak! I wonder why, with more than a trillion dollars of vast mineral deposits in Afghanistan, the United States ended up with NO American companies to reap the rewards of our service members sacrifice there!

It seems all the US does is bleed-either in dollars or blood!

So much for "nation building" and "exporting democracy" I guess!


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