Tuesday, February 07, 2006

"Life Goes On" Photosite

We have posted a large number of photos taken during the play and the rehearsals of "Life Goes On" for people to remember the play by. Cast, crew and audience are invited to visit the site and enjoy the memories again. Please click on the title above or the hyperlink below for the Photosite for the play.

This play, put on by the Gates County Historical Society was considered a resounding success, and it raised a large contribution for the restoration of the Old Gates County Courthouse. Thanks to all who participated or attended.


Cast And Crew From "Life Goes On"

Please note: The best way to view the photosite is to click on the button "view slideshow". It shows the photos full size, and you can change the speed of viewing at the bottom right to move as quickly or as slowly as you wish through the album. You can also order copies of any picture that you like, or download them free to your computer from the Photosite. Enjoy!


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