Sunday, October 15, 2006

Camden County Mini Carnival
Pat Duckworth For Sheriff

Pat Duckworth, Candidate for Sheriff of Camden County, sponsored a a Free Public Mini Carnival to attract kids and their parents to his campaign event. It was a huge success, partly because of the absolutely beautiful fall day when it was held Saturday.

The sponsoring candidate, Pat Duckworth is a 25 year veteran of the Portsmouth police department who is currently serving on the Camden County Board of Adjustments. He is also a Vietnam veteran having served in the Air Force.

The kids did not pay much attention to the campaign part of the event, but many of the parents were quite interested to talk with Pat about his candidacy.

Pat Duckworth Greets Parents At The Kids Mini Carnival

The Crowd Sprawled Everywhere Over The Park And Playground Area

Judicial Candidate John Flora Helped Out Serving Cotton Candy

Senate Candidate Ron Toppin Helped Out Making Hot Dogs

It was a great day and clearly the kids had a blast. Some of them went home stuffed on the free hot dogs, snow cones, cotton candy, pop corn and drinks.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Snooker's Grille Used For
Local Campaign Stop In 2008 Race!

2008 already? Yes. Bob Crumley, conservative candidate for Attorney General in 2008 was at Snooker's Grille this morning to talk with people about his campaign. Mr. Crumley subheads his campaign brochures with "Experienced Conservative Leadership for Attorney General". Mr. Crumley graduated from Appalachian State University and Wake Forest Law School.

Snooker's Grille On Broad Street In Edenton

A long time resident of Asherboro North Carolina, Mr. Crumley has been an attorney, businessman and realtor in that area. He served as Randolph County Manager and Randolph County Attorney before opening his own law firm in 1989. He now has law offices all across the state of North Carolina.

There Was A Nice Turnout For The Early Morning Event

He at least is creative, spending a portion of his time speaking this morning about the possibility of North Carolina suing Mexico for their failure to live up to NAFTA.

Bob Crumley Running For Attorney General Addresses Chowan County Crowd

He is a very articulate man and could well be our next Attorney General. We appreciated him coming to our area to talk about the state's problems and his view of solutions.