Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Patriot Blog Review
"It's Not About The Truth"
By Don Yaeger

Book Review by Nancy . . .

Nancy Adams

Threshold Editions, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, has published an explosive insider account of the Duke University Lacrosse Scandal. IT’S NOT ABOUT THE TRUTH by Don Yaeger . . . with Mike Pressler, the former head coach of the men’s lacrosse team. This book reveals for the first time what really happened after the infamous stripper party, and how the rush to judgment has affected the lives of those associated with the incident.

In the course of covering this scandal and the way it unfolded, the book has some really important lessons for life. I highly recommend this book to those who want to see others treated as they wish to be treated.

Too often I have felt that eastern NC has not been given a true perception of events in our capitol and other cities in our state. The News and Observer decided several years ago that it would no longer deliver papers to our doors here in the Inner Banks and so we have had to read Norfolk, Virginia's paper or get our news from TV and radio. That means we do not always get the whole story on things that happen in our state.

When this scandal started I was amazed at what I heard or read. Duke had been a school that I felt was not too ultra-liberal when my granddaughter graduated from there several years ago and I believed that surely there should be someone still on the staff who would say "they are innocent until proven guilty." Since no one did I decided that the prosecutor must have evidence that the accuser was trustworthy. When I had a chance to read the book, I was so amazed at what had not been covered in the press that when I finished the book, I started at the beginning and read it a second time. I had to be absolutely sure that I had not missed something that the Duke President had known that justified his position.

As far as Nifong is concerend, I think everyone already realized how contemptible his actions were. By the time I read the book, Nifong was being tried and we knew that it was all a political game for him. As for the Duke 88, I am still disgusted to think that the people who are teaching our children and grandchildren are so quick to accuse someone just to protect their political views. They have not yet apologized to three fine young men whose families have been subjected to great pain . . . . or to Coach Pressler and his family.

I am so grateful that their faith was enough to help them through such an ordeal. This is an excellent book about overcoming real adversity. It will inspire you.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day

by Armstrong Williams - June 17, 2007 - Townhall.com

In our world today, we are faced with many male role model figures who govern our country, our religion, or our family. All of these men have in some way influenced our beliefs and lives, may it be the laws and rules they create, or the strength with which they lead our families. As we celebrate Father's Day and the men that have played a role in our lives, we should also reflect upon the Heavenly Father and His work in this world.

When we think of the Almighty father, we think of the omnipotent God. For Christians, He is not only the driving factor of the religion and world, but the Father who is prayed to for thanks, forgiveness, needs, and more. Because of God's supremacy, many people often do not identify Him as a compassionate, loving, and forgiving Father. Instead they see Him as a discipliner, of whom we must fear and regard with reverence. This Father's Day try praying to Him as if you were speaking to your own earthly father.

This is good advice. Pray for thanks and forgiveness. With all the problems we have in the world . . . optimism is the best advice for all of us. Life is good. We just have to remember that and not let the drumbeat of negativism sway us. God bless all father's on this day. Thank you for how hard you try to make your children's lives better.

Edenton Music & Water Festival

This is a great event and last year I had a blast. However I had a previous commitment in Williamston, so I was not able to spend the whole day at Edenton as I would have liked. However I did get there early to cover the races. The most important of these are the featured USCA Canoe and Kayak Races.

As early as I got there, racers were already unloading their canoes and kayaks for the day's festivities before I arrived. In the background you can see the Roanoke River Lighthouse that is being refurbished. (Scroll down to see the great article we posted earlier on the move of the lighthouse!)

Everyone carries their own canoe or kayak from the parking lot to the registration area, it is a part of the ritual of these races.

I got to chat with a couple of nice people from Winston-Salem who had driven in for the event John & Jean Munn (shown below carrying their canoe).

These (shown above) are some of the more professional particpants with their special multi canoe trailer, gobs of different size and shape paddles, along with enough life preservers to cover an army.

After dropping off their canoes and kayaks everyone checked in at registration to get their numbers, the course layout and rules for the day. Also of course to pay registration if they had not already done so.

Nancy Nichols (shown below) was (as always) greeting everyone and trying to make sure that things were perfect. As usual with a Nancy run event, they were!

As race time approaches, everyone gets ready to launch their boat. First they hold the race participant meeting where the organizers review the rules.

After that it is amazing how quickly they get into the water. Step one, walk up to the side of the dock. Lower the boat.

Then step into the boat and shove off. Nothing to it.

It is happening all around the small launch area. Within only a couple of moments after the race meeting, everyone is launched and headed to the start line.

One of the new events this year was the paddle with the Periauger . . .

There was a fun event where everyone who did not want to race could follow this classic Sail Boat around the harbor. As I was walking over to the start line, I passed the U.S. Coast Guard Auxialiary pushing off to get into position as well. Here is James Lyle (shown below), from Roper, one of the Auxiliary officers who help out with these types of events.

As we get to the start line, everyone is lined up. There is a momentary bit of excitement as a large boat creates a wake that rolls a couple of the kayaks over. The officials boat helps them right the kayaks and get lined up for the start again.

With the starters pistol ringing in our ears everyone is off.

The faster boats quickly open up a large lead.

While the canoes and kayaks are out of sight, I stroll through the food and trinket area. Lots of things for sale.

I didn't plan to buy anything, but the smell of Bratwurst is too much, and I buy one with everything. It is fantastic!

I am out of time and have to head for Williamston, but I take one last picture of all of the geese by the waterfront (shown below). It is a beautiful reminder of Edenton and this great event. If you missed it this year, plan to come next. You will not regret it.

I missed the excitement later in the day, but shortly after I left they started the
Music from noon until dusk. Gospel, Jazz, Folk, Bluegrass, Country, Classic Rock & Roll, Contemporary Christian.

There was even a Climbing Wall for the adventurous!

Click here to see our coverage of last years event!

I will post race results as soon as I get them.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Patriot Blog Review
By Angela McGlowan

Book Review by Nancy . . .

Nancy Adams

Bamboozled: How Americans Are Being Exploited by the Lies of the Liberal Agenda
by Angela McGlowan.

Patriot Blog Rating - Excellent

National Review Online started their review of this book with the following:

In describing former NFL superstar and 2006 gubernatorial candidate (R., Pa.) Lynn Swann, Angela McGlowan writes “ Standing athwart ineffective feel-good legislation shouting 'Stop!' is seen as a betrayal of those struggling to get their footing on the lowest rung of the economic ladder. Yet raising the minimum wage hacks the lowest rungs off the ladder altogether. But economic logic doesn’t wash with liberals who are intent on inflaming class warfare.”

Well, she had me at “athwart.” And so Angela McGlowan deserves at least one link on National Review Online for her new book Bamboozled: How Americans Are Being Exploited by the Lies of the Liberal Agenda. And, in all seriousness, for her message and presentation — covering family, religion, business, taking on Jesse Jackson, and more — deserve attention.

Angela definitely deserves attention. We loved Angela's answer to a couple of questions from Kathryn Jean Lopez during their radio interview on her book:

Lopez: What’s the point calling people names like “bamboozler”?

Angela McGlowan: "I decided that it was time to stand up and call a spade a spade. For 50 years liberals have conned and used blacks, Latinos, and women into supporting an agenda that sells them out and betrays their values. We’ve become the dupes of the Democrat party. Liberals have gotten away with their civil-rights shell game for too long. They’ve boxed blacks, Latino, and women in to their predetermined pens because without a stranglehold on these three groups Democrats can’t win elections. So I decided to call them what they are: bamboozlers."

Lopez: George Bush doesn’t hate black people?

McGlowan: "Bill Clinton had a black secretary. George W. Bush has a black Secretary of State. I rest my case!"

After reading the first chapter of bamboozled, one opinion became clear. Angela McGlowan is really really smart.

What Angela says is that:

- The Democratic Party has rewritten history, with the collaboration of a gullible and cooperative liberal press. The Republican Party has always been, and continues to be, the party dedicated to upward mobility for minorities. This ongoing reality is simply dismissed by the democrats.

- Socialism has been sold to minorities as the measure by which every act is determined to be racist. This has resulted in teacher unions successfully defending failing to teach minorities while the children of blacks fail and drop out of school, ending any chance for the American dream. The cause of this failure is the direct actions of liberal unions. However democrats have successfully laid the blame on Republicans.

- Blacks and Hispanics are told to abandon their belief in God and vote democrat in violation of their own personal core beliefs, justified by vilifying Republicans even when they are fighting for the rights of minorities.

- Criminal leniency has been established as an excuse for hating republicans even when the outrageous incarceration of minorities was legislated by democrats.

- Accepting the socialist's subservient plantation role for minorities is made the test of acceptance in minority society.

- Cultural denigration of anyone who strays is practiced by the same people who mastered the concept to defend communism in the 20th Century.

Angela McGlowan calls the standard practice of the democrat party, bamboozling. What that means is that the democrat agenda is a lie and anyone who disagrees is insulted and attacked viciously with the sole intent to destroy them.

This is an excellent book and should be read by anyone who cares about getting to the truth of the many issues where minorities are mislead (or bamboozled). Especially important is Angela's quoting so many brilliant blacks and hispanics who are usually vilified by liberals. One example" Francis Rice, chairman of the National Black Republican Association.

When they do surveys of black Americans and ask them values questions, they are aligned almost one hundred percent with the Republican Party. But when they ask them which party they are going to vote for, almost 100 per cent say the Democratic Party.


There is a wealth transfer from poor blacks to middle class whites. The Democrats are against us . . . about everything . . .

For anyone who wants to understand the game plan of today's democrat party this book is a must read. It is especially important to minorities who are tired of being bamboozled.