Friday, October 12, 2007

Al-Pam Club Meets In Edenton

Dr. Troy Kickler, professor of history at NCSU and director of the North Carolina History Project was the featured speaker at last night's AL-PAM REPUBLICAN CLUB meeting at the Fancy That Cafe in Edenton.

The crowd (shown above) was excellent as this growing organization continues to attract a large number of new members and guests at each event.

The program included a great dinner. The Al-Pam Club always finds the best local restaurants in each city they go to.

Chris East (shown above), President of the Al-Pam Club, was the master of ceremonies, and introduced the various programs. One of the speakers was Bob Steinburg (shown below), Chairman of the Chowan County Republican Party, and columnist for the "Conservative Viewpoint" in many local papers.

Next was the keynote speaker, Dr. Troy Kickler (shown below). His topic was the Edenton Tea Party [including its historical significance]. He provided some interesting information about the 51 ladies who signed the famous document that gained so much notoriety in its day. It was indicative of the growing willingness of Americans to stand up for themselves and demand liberty. It is easy today to forget what a risk these women took.

There was an excellent question and answer session with Dr. Kickler after the speech. One of the more interesting conversations was about trying to categorize the attitude that the Tea Party exhibited. Everyone had their own word. All recognized that these people were not meek or tolerant of infringements on their liberty.

If you have an interest in knowing more about the Al-Pam Club, you can contact President Chris East by phone at (252) 746-2818 or by email at

If you would like to contact Dr. Troy Kickler, you can phone him at (919) 828-3876 or email him at


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