Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Spencer Adams Christmas

The greatest part of living in Bertie County is the important role which family plays in our lives. Cities are where we make our living, but family is what keeps us connected, and what brings our kids back home to our rural area each year for the celebrations. I hear stories about the great Christmas celebrations that everyone has in our area, however my step-father's family does this Christmas thing as well as any I have heard about.

Every year they gather at the family homestead here in Bertie County a day or two after Christmas, a tradition started by Spencer Adams. That way all the parents can have Christmas for their kids at home and the family can still get together. And every year the gathering is better than ever. Let me tell you about a Spencer Adams Christmas.

The homestead is always innundated with Christmas trimings that set the mood.

Bonnie Fixes Up The Homestead Like A Christmas Fantasyland

Early In The Day There Is A Constant Stream Of Arrivals, Welcomed With Love

Each Car Is Unloaded And The Presents Placed Beneath The Tree

After Each Group Is Greeted, Everyone Returns To Finding A Seat And Sharing Stories, Some Of Them . . Uh . . Exaggerations, About What Has Happened Since Last Year.

The Crowd Always Overflows From The Living Room And Covers The House

First Time Arrivals Are Always The Center Of Attention

The Kitchen Is Jammed With Those Who Prepare The Meal

While Waiting For The Meal, We Go Outside To Compete In Annual Games, Always Including Skeet And Showing Off Newly Acquired Rifles And Pistols!

New Games Are Also Shared, Anything To Compete! This Is A New Variation Of Horse Shoes Played With Corn Bags Thrown At Holes In A Wood Target.

After A While The Meal Is Ready, Lots Of Hands Make The Work Easy

After The Fabulous Meal The Traditional "Adams Family" Festivities Are About To Start

Christmas Carols Are Sung . . Many Christmas Carols . . . Ending With The Famous Adams Family Rendition Of Dancing To The "Twelve Days Of Christmas".

Even The "Guys" Get Into It Before The End

Presents Are Passed Out To Everyone Before The Traditional Opening Of the Presents Starts, As Always With The Youngest Opening Their Presents First.

Grandmomma Nancy Loves Handmade Gifts

Two Traditions Are Maintained, The Names On The Boxes Inside The Wrapping Rarely Represent What Is Inside The Box!

In Addition The Annual Challenge To See Who Can Make It Hardest To Open The Present Is Held.

(This wooden box with seven screws was inside 3 boxes, each with wrapping paper that had to be removed in turn to find the next box inside. When the effort to remove the very long screws was done and the last screw removed, Larry was offered a power screw drill . . but carefully too late to help . . . leaving the whole crowd roaring with laughter! At least it was a nice present.)

This Package Was Glued Together, Making It Really Tough To Get The Paper Off.

After Each Present Is Opened, The "Prize" Must Be Shared And Passed Around For All To See. This Is The Most Fun Of All!

The Attention Is Sincere

Some Gifts Get Better Reactions Than Others

New Games Are Always Tried Out Immediately

To End The Day, Special Pictures Are Made Of The People That Came To Visit. This Is The "Cousins", The Next Generation Being Trained In A Spencer Adams Christmas

The Group Pictures Memorialize Another Special Time

The Christmas Tree Was Real And The Only Thing That Would Have Made The Entire Day Better Would Have Been A Real Kris Kringle!

It Was A Long Day . . And Fun. As We Leave We Take A Last Look Back At The Homestead With Its Decorations And Lights.

What a great time for all. It always is. Laughter and special feelings are the order of the day. This is what family and Christmas are meant to be. Spencer Adams was a great guy. Everyone who knew him thought of him as their best friend. He loved Christmas. His spirit is still alive with this special group of people maintaining what both family and Christmas mean . . . . here in Bertie County North Carolina.

Spencer Adams Will Always Live In Our Hearts

Thank you Spencer.


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