Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dog Days Of Summer

One Stranger Can Change
An Entire Town

Press Release

Will Patton and Richard Herd Star in the Drama Debuting on DVD from Anchor Bay Entertainment on April 21st.

EDENTON, NC – From executive producer Rick Eldridge, CEO of The Film Foundry (and executive producer of the award-winning family feature The Ultimate Gift) comes the heartfelt drama DOG DAYS OF SUMMER. The film is a poignant masterpiece centering on the discovery of truth and a journey of restoration. DOG DAYS OF SUMMER debuts on DVD April 21 from Anchor Bay Entertainment for the suggested retail price of $19.97.

The Christian Book Seller, 303 South Broad Street in Edenton will be the setting where producer/director Mark Freiburger will sign the first-release DVDs on Tuesday, April 21st at 11 am. Movieguide has called the film, “One of the best cutting edge movies to probe the human condition.” Ted Baehr praises it as “reminiscent of Ray Bradbury.”

Obie Award-winning actor Will Patton (A Mighty Heart, Remember the Titans, Armageddon) stars as Eli Cottonmouth, a stranger who captures the attention of two boys and leads them on a journey that soon begins to uncover the secrets of a quiet southern town. As Eli recreates the true essence of the community by building a miniature model of the city, the boys are shocked to discover their town isn’t as perfect as it seems.

The film includes supporting performances from Richard Herd (“Seinfeld,” “Star Trek Voyager”), Devon Gearhart (Changeling), Colin Ford (“Journeyman,” Push) and R. Keith Harris (Junebug, The List).

Shot entirely in historic Edenton, North Carolina, DOG DAYS OF SUMMER was produced and directed by first-time helmer, Mark Freiburger, and was based on an original screenplay by Travis Beacham and Christopher J. Waild, all 2005 graduates of the North Carolina School of the Arts.

DOG DAYS OF SUMMER, which has garnered The Dove Family Approved for 12+Seal, includes “The Dark Room” bonus featurette.

A perfect town. Or so it seems. Then one summer, a mysterious stranger arrives with a simple proposition and a powerful secret. The newcomer, Eli Cottonmouth, bewitches the townsfolk with his charm. His intentions concern the town fathers, and his secrecy captivates two curious boys.

As Eli recreates the true essence of the community by making a miniature model of the town, he uses the boys as his eyes and ears to gather information. Armed with his ancient camera, they snap pictures of small town life.

With each new photo, Eli changes the way the boys look at their town. Their childish wonderment is shattered as the boys' eyes are opened to what’s really happening. Eli's hidden agenda shocks the townspeople and threatens the existence of the entire community.

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