Friday, April 24, 2009

North Carolina -
The State Of Our Constitution

The John Locke Foundation, along with the North Carolina History Project and the NC Institue for Constitutional Law, presented an incredible forum on:
The North Carolina Constitution
and The Power to Tax

... held at the Historic 1767 Edenton Court House in Edenton, NC last night!

As we arrived, the Courthouse was beautiful in the late afternoon sun of a typical spring day in the Inner Banks.

The John Locke Foundation had a crew of young ladies handing out name tags to all the registered attendees as they arrived.

There was also a great reception with food and wine to get everyone in the mood for the evening's events.

A large number of people gathered, greeting old friends from our area, and getting to know some of the attendees who drove long distances.

The Mayor of Edenton, Roland Vaughan (below), opened the event and welcomed everyone to Edenton, NC.

The speakers for the event included (from left below), John Hood, President of the John Locke Foundation, Gene Boyce, Attorney Representing North Carolina to recover taxpayer settlements, Jeff Broadwater, Historian from Barton College, John Dinan, Wake Forest Professor of Political Science, and Justice Robert Orr, formerly on the North Carolina Supreme Court and currently Executive Director of the North Carolina Institute for Constitutional Law.

The crowd (below) was jam packed, with a number having to stand around the back of the chamber.

And since the event was filmed for a documentary production, there were cameras everywhere.


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