Sunday, June 28, 2009

Don't Get That College Degree!

Intellectually And Financially, Studies Show It's Not Worth It

by Jack Hough - June 28th, 2009 - New York Post

Students want jobs and respect. Degrees bring both. Employers, meanwhile, want smart, capable workers. A degree is a decent enough proxy for intelligence, but we want it to be more than that. We want degrees to mean that students have learned the foundations of human knowledge: literature, chemistry, physics, composition, metaphysics, psychology, economics and so on. If we didn't, we'd replace degrees with inexpensive vocational exams.

Charles Murray, a fellow at American Enterprise Institute, calls for just that in a recent book, "Real Education." He argues that too many kids who lack the ability to complete a liberal-arts education are being pushed into four-year liberal-arts schools, because there's a steep societal penalty for not getting a degree. Schools, in turn, have made their degree programs easier. Murray provides a sample of courses that students used to fulfill core degree requirements at major universities in 2004, including History of Comic Book Art (Indiana University), History and Philosophy of Dress (Texas Tech University) and Campus Culture and Drinking (Duke University). He documents not only falling standards but rampant grade inflation.

With America rushing towards socialism, a college degree will become even more worthless. Socialist countries have proven to have entrenched unemployment that is three times the typical unemployment of America when it believed in free enterprise. As the wealth of our nation is destroyed, just as it has been destroyed in places like Cuba and Russia, government jobs will provide a lower standard of living. As every one's standard of living is driven lower, the value of a college degree will become trivial as compared to the standard of living available to those who are simply willing to work.

Education is supposed to increase the wealth of a nation. That premise no longer holds true. Our education institutions have become places where lies are taught as truth . Socialism is tyranny. It has become popular among the college liberal professors to say that it is "not true" socialism is tyranny. It has become popular to say, "Socialism has never been tried. This time it will work because we are smarter than those who tried it before."

However like the lie that socialism has never been tried it is a lie to claim that Obama and his minions are "smarter" than those who tried it before. "Those who do not understand history are condemned to repeat it." That is true. America is about to learn a terrible lesson because we wasted our education studying the "history of comic books."

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Inner Banks Humor - Politics

Tweeting is the "IN" thing right now, so someone had to make a list of the better tweets about the South Carolina Governor's revelation of having an affair with a woman in Argentina. Here is the first list compiled by Tony Pierce:

"I don't think it's good that a main takeaway of Sanford's press conference is how really awesome his mistress is."

"Sanford turned down one stimulus, accepted another. Flip flopper!"

"So instead of walking the trail, he was chasing some tail."

"Ensign and Sanford both admit affairs. Any other Republicans want to confess?"

"Somehow I doubt Argentinian tourist bureaus are going to use Sanford as a selling point when promoting themselves as a vacation spot."

"Revelations of Sanford's South American love fling brings new meaning to S.C. first lady's comment this week: 'He does this sometimes'."

"At least Sanford proves that not all Republicans hate all foreigners"

"None of us are in a position to judge Sanford until we too have had sex with a woman in Argentina. Now who is up for a road trip?"

"The reason the GOP is so upset with Sanford is that he outsourced his hookers to a South American country."

"Sanford outsourcing affair. What a slap to the face of American homewreckers"

Inner Banks Humor - Politics

A friend started the day of job hunting early the other day;

having set his alarm clock (MADE IN JAPAN )

for 6:00 AM. While his coffeepot (MADE IN CHINA )

was perking, he shaved with his electric razor (MADE IN HONG KONG )

He put on a dress shirt (MADE IN SRI LANKA ),

designer jeans (MADE IN SINGAPORE ) and

tennis shoes (MADE IN KOREA )

After cooking his breakfast in his new electric skillet (MADE IN INDIA )

he sat down with his calculator (MADE IN MEXICO )

to see how much he could spend today.

After setting his watch (MADE IN TAIWAN )

to his radio (MADE IN INDIA )

he got in his car (MADE IN GERMANY )

filled it with gas (IMPORTED FROM SAUDI ARABIA )

and continued his search; for a good-paying AMERICAN JOB.

At the end of yet another discouraging and fruitless day checking his Computer (MADE IN MALAYSIA ),

for AMERICAN job prospects, my friend decided to relax for a while.

He put on his sandals (MADE IN BRAZIL ),

poured himself a glass of wine (MADE IN FRANCE )

and turned on his TV (MADE IN INDONESIA ),

and then wondered why he can't find a good-paying job in AMERICA.

In his frustration, he is now hoping for change from a President MADE IN KENYA !!

I wished him good luck with that.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Conservative Viewpoint
- Tar Heels Must Love Taxes

Article by Bob Steinburg
- Edenton, North Carolina: Cradle of the Colony

The Democrats in North Carolina’s General Assembly have controlled the State Legislature for 96 of the last 100 years. As a result of irresponsible spending, the state is facing a $4.5 billion dollar deficit while trying to pass a constitutionally- mandated balanced budget for the next two years.

The new budget will include interest payments on the state’s long- term debt of $6 billion. In `09, that’s a staggering $849 million. The state also is wrestling with trying to close a $250-300 million shortfall in the state’s health insurance plan. We didn’t get into this fiscal mess overnight.

In January every other year, the governor must submit a balanced budget to the legislature. The budget is alternately delivered to the House and Senate. This year the Senate had first whack at it. The Senate considers the governor’s request, modifies the budget, passes its version and then sends it along to the House. The House then adapts and passes its own budget.

A conference commission is then appointed to hammer out the differences between the two chambers. This year the budgets in both the House and Senate were passed with little to no Republican support. As a result Democrats will make up the appointed group of conferees. But in the end the final budget “compromise” will have little or no input from anyone other than Senate President Pro Tempore Marc Basnight, D-Dare, Sen. Majority Leader Tony Rand, D-Cumberland, and Speaker of the House Joe Hackney, D-Orange.

When the aforementioned three legislators feel assured there are enough votes to pass the budget in both houses, it will be sent on to each for an up or down vote. There will be no opportunity for amendment. The budget will then go to the governor to sign or veto. Not only is everyone from the same political party, and no doubt singing off the same sheet of music, the conference commission is a closed process. Not even the press has access to how legislators reach compromise decisions, assuming there are any compromises to begin with.

While it is the legislature’s responsibility to pass the budget, it is the duty of the governor to insure it remains balanced throughout the next two years. The state is still operating under the Easley budget until June 30. This explains why Gov. Perdue has had to deplete the state’s rainy day fund and furlough teachers to get through the end of this fiscal year.

The state also is also facing an 11 percent reduction in estimated state revenues. These numbers won’t be rosier any time soon given current economic forecasts.

Many thought North Carolina’s $6.1 billion in federal stimulus money could be used to help balance the state budget as well as help cure our economic woes. In May the states unemployment rate stood at 11.1 percent. Less than $1 billion is slated for badly needed infrastructure improvements, despite assurances from President Barack Obama and Congressional Democrats that the money would create shovel-ready jobs to help turn the economy around.

Almost half of the federal money will be spent on expanding social programs, which after 2012 will have to be state funded. And no stimulus money can be used to reduce either long-term debt or deficits. It’s no wonder some governors decided not to accept the “strings attached” stimulus money.

On June 13 the Democratic controlled House of Representatives passed its budget which included $873 million in increased taxes and fees for the upcoming fiscal year. Included is another $1.78 billion in additional spending hikes next year. Republicans offered a number of amendments to cut unnecessary and wasteful spending but most were rejected. In the end every Republicans voted to reject the budget as presented.

This budget includes an increase of the top marginal income tax rate for those married and filing jointly and earning between $120,000 and $500,000 from 7.75 to 8.25 percent. Earned income over $500,000 will be taxed at 8.5 percent.

This is a jobs killer because this tax bracket includes most small business owners. Increasing their taxes will reduce the working capital necessary for expansion and job creation.

Other tax increases passed in the House budget include extending the sales tax to warranties, installations and repairs, taxes on amusements and movie tickets along with taxes on courier services. Additionally the state portion of the sales tax will rise from 4.5 percent to seven percent.

The Senate’s budget includes $950 million in revenue increases by expanding the number of services subject to sales taxes and removing income tax deductions. While Senate Democrats are trumpeting lower income tax rates overall, it’s misleading because many taxpayers will be losing income tax deductions they currently receive.

But Gov. Perdue says still more money is needed-- as much as 1.5 billion in new taxes next year to protect public education and other services. Where will this taxing madness end?
State lawmakers would like to have their budget on the governor’s desk for her signature by July 1, which begins the state’s new fiscal year. House Majority Leader Hugh Holliman, D- Davidson, feels it will be difficult to get the votes necessary to raise taxes in our current economic environment, making the goal of passing a budget by then that much more difficult.

Obviously the state is in a fiscal mess. Perhaps Republican House Minority Leader Paul Stam, R-Apex said it best when he told a reporter in Raleigh last week: “Every year they (Democrats) want more and more taxes. The people ought to finally conclude, if they want to pay more taxes, they ought to vote for more Democrats.”

Since Democrats have totally controlled North Carolina for 88 of the last 100 years, why is it that most North Carolinian’s think that Republicans are the problem? Civitas polls indicate this is the consensus of most in our state. It is insane, but it is true. The answer is that Republicans don’t care about defending their track record. They care about a lot of social issues, like abortion. That neither the state nor local governments have any say in that issue does not dissuade Republicans. They defeat good candidates for board of education and county commissioner over minor disagreements about abortion, or run them out of the party so they become Democrats. Democrats then run ads blaming the Republicans for everything, and people who don’t want to be involved in politics believe them.

Republicans have two choices. They can denounce “the people” for not caring about politics or they can get their priorities in order. Don’t hold your breath waiting on the last.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Conservative Viewpoint
- Breaking The Grip Of Dependence

Article by Bob Steinburg
- Edenton, North Carolina: Cradle of the Colony

Last week my wife and I shared dinner in our home with former South Carolina State Representative and Circuit Court Judge Tee Ferguson, a Democrat. Ferguson recently founded the African -American Policy Council.

Eighteen years ago, Ferguson was sentenced to and served 33 months in prison as the result of an FBI sting operation directed at corruption in the South Carolina House of Representatives. It was called Lost Trust. The charge: accepting $3,000 in bribes to support a pari-mutuel betting bill along with “constructive possession” of cocaine.

Ferguson, who acknowledges taking the money, believes black legislators had been set up. He and other black legislators may have been targeted, perhaps not. But this column is not meant to focus on an 18 year old sting investigation. Instead it’s about a black man who has intimately experienced both sides of the judicial system, providing him with a unique perspective to help lead the fight for black economic justice and equality. He understands his credibility will be questioned by some, yet believes sharing his story can help the African-American community transition from one largely dependent on government assistance, to one of entrepreneurial independence.

Seven-term South Carolina State Rep. Leon Howard, the former chairman of the House Black Caucus remembers Ferguson as one of a handful of up and coming black legislators tirelessly trying to improve the plight of economically enslaved blacks. “They were constantly in the news,” he said. “They were despised by much of the white leadership who saw them as a threat to South Carolina’s racial economic caste system.”

Howard wonders if Ferguson’s arrest along with other members of the Black Caucus weren’t racially motivated. “Half of South Carolina’s black caucus was wiped out,” he said. “These young men were making significant progress in changing the economic dynamics in our state.”

In Feb. 1997, U. S. District Court Judge Falcon Hawkins dismissed charges against five of the former convicted lawmakers, after ruling the feds guilty of egregious prosecutorial misconduct. Ferguson was not one of them, although Hawkins does mention that much of what Ferguson had alleged in his own defense about possible federal misconduct during operation Lost Trust, was becoming evident. Hawkins’ ruling eventually was overturned by the U. S. Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals. Ferguson served the remainder of his sentence

Looking back, Ferguson says that integrating public schools didn’t help blacks. Black schools were historically the center of the black community, he says. “Students learned of accomplished black men like Frederick Douglas, Booker T. Washington and George Washington Carver; and of black women like Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman and Ida-Wells Barnett. But now their “progressive” integrated education robs them of their most prized possession-- their historical black identity.”

Ferguson first became aware of his skin color in his senior year of high school when he began attending an integrated school. An A student in English he says he worked hard on his first English paper and received a C. He couldn’t believe it! On his next paper he wrote only his name at the top of his notepad and handed it in. His grade:—C. When he asked his white teacher for an explanation, she cried without any further clarification. “For the first time I knew I was different,” he says.

Ferguson says that many blacks think acting white is always cooler. He says that blacks often side with whites. He recalls trying to sponsor legislation to stop tons of toxic waste from being dumped next to heavily populated black communities in the state. Members of his own caucus wouldn’t go along because of the “pressure” they were feeling from white Democrats.

Ferguson speaks of “get out the vote money” many pastors receive from Democrats in return for delivering Democratic votes on Election Day. “These pastors too must be held partially responsible for the deteriorating plight of black society and culture,” he says.

Ferguson cites welfare as also problematic. “Women are actually paid for breaking up their families because they receive larger welfare payments when there’s no man in the house,” he says. “They’re also financially rewarded for each additional child.” Ferguson says that in his youth, when a black man fathered a child and didn’t provide support, the other black men in the community would literally kick him in his hind quarters.

Ferguson believes it’s not the black communities that are poor; it’s what they do with the resources they have. African-Americans had spending power of $900 billion in `08. “The problem is not money; it’s the failure of black Americans to invest in themselves,” Ferguson says. He hopes his non-profit African-American Policy Council can help change the dynamics by enlisting the support of successful white, Hispanic and Asian business people who can help instruct and then shepherd potential and existing black entrepreneurs to economic startups and viability.

While Ferguson’s personal story may be somewhat unique, his message is not. Last month he was joined at a press conference in North Carolina by representatives from two other black organizations. They all questioned black leadership. Joining Ferguson on the dais was Carl White from the NAACP District 11, and Tony Riddick, chairperson of Righteous United Through Harmony (TRUTH). Each addressed concerns related to the needs of blacks from an historic, socio-economic, religious and moral perspective and the changes that will be necessary to turn their fortunes around.

“Blacks need to understand on Election Day it can no longer be simply about color and political party,” Ferguson says. “It’s about supporting candidates who will work to provide black people the opportunity to become self sufficient so as a race we can begin to stand on our own. Clearly that hasn’t been happening.”

I wish Bob luck. He is continuing a campaign that I supported for a long time. That campaign is to have all people treated the same in a free society. However I have personally stopped believing it can happen. A greater percentage of Republicans voted for civil rights bills and fought for civil rights than did Democrats. Yet when Lyndon Johnson started his ‘Great Society’ of welfare, blacks abandoned the Republican Party like it had been the party that kept them down.

Today, you never stop hearing from the majority of this 13% of our population, that “It is our turn on top. Honkeys owe us!” Affirmative action has had the incredible result that close to half, not 13% but half, of our movies star a black hero and a white joke. Hollywood and sports have created the national reality that this minor part of our population is disproportionately represented on TV and in the movies. In one evening recently I counted the commercials featuring blacks versus featuring whites. 65% of the commercials featured this 13% of our population. Why is it that lopsided?

Colin Powell is a perfect example of black culture. No matter how much he excelled in a Republican culture that was willing to give him a chance without regard to color, when it came down to the chance to vote for a black man, in the last election Powell voted for a man based on color, not character. Barack Obama has never shown that he is a patriot. Powell did not care. Black is more important than beliefs to Colin Powell. There are a number of black conservatives who I admire. However after Colin Powell, I will never fully trust any black ever again. They are the most racist culture in our society.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

A Conservative Viewpoint
- Sotomayor: Empathy Or Justice?

Article by Bob Steinburg
- Edenton, North Carolina: Cradle of the Colony

Last week President Barack Obama selected his nominee to replace retiring Justice David Souter to the U.S. Supreme Court. She is U. S. Second Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Sonia Sotomayor. If confirmed by the U. S. Senate late this summer or early fall, Sotomayor, who has Puerto Rican roots, would be the first Hispanic-American to sit on the highest court in the land.

For Obama and the Democrats, her selection has a great deal to do with politics. Hispanics represent the fastest growing segment of our society. One in every six Americans is Hispanic; a total population of almost 47 million. They are reproducing at a rate greater than any other minority and are estimated to make up 30 percent of the U. S. population by 2050. Given there is only one female currently serving on the court, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and the significance of the Hispanic demographic, Obama’s selection appears politically wise.

Sotomayor’s personal story is compelling. She grew up in the projects of the Bronx in the `60’s, raised by her mother after her father’s death. At age eight she was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes. She’s obviously smart, educated at Princeton and Yale. Sotomayor practiced law, including a stint as a criminal prosecutor, before being appointed to the U. S. Court of Appeals by President George H. W. Bush. It is easy to see why Obama can identify with this individual who, like himself, has a persuasive story to sell.

While this is the first Hispanic American to be nominated to the Supreme Court, if not for the Democrats, she may not have been. In 2001 President George W. Bush nominated Miguel Estrada to the U. S Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit Court. Estrada’s story was equally compelling. He was being groomed for the Supreme Court, but his nomination was held up for 28 months, including six months of a Democratic filibuster.

Internal memos have been uncovered that were written to then- Senate minority-whip Dick Durbin, D-ILL., on Nov. 7, 2001 regarding a meeting with civil rights leaders the previous day. The memo mentions that liberal interest groups desired to keep Estrada, a conservative, off the court because his Latino heritage made him “especially dangerous” as a future Supreme Court nominee. Estrada eventually withdrew.

It seems unlikely the Republicans will attempt to filibuster Sotomayor’s nomination. But it is their duty, in fact the duty of all of those on the Senate Judiciary Committee to further probe into her judicial philosophy. Is she color blind, as any justice should be when interpreting the law, or does she consider race, gender and background in arriving at her decisions?

Last week, New York Times reporter David Kilpatrick, wrote that Sotomayor “has championed the importance of considering race and ethnicity in admissions, hiring and even judicial selection at almost every stage of her career.” Perhaps that is why her remark in 2001 that she hoped a “wise Latina woman” would reach a better judicial conclusion than a white male, has raised more than a few eye brows. She recently admitted that her choice of words were unfortunate, but added they were taken out of context. But were they?

The Wall Street Journal’s Naftali Bendavid reported another similar remark by Sotomayor when she served on a panel of women in the judiciary seven years earlier. Her comments were virtually the same as in `01, except here she referred to women generally-not just Latinas as being better able to reach a more compassionate and caring conclusion.

Another concern with the Sotomayor nomination was her decision denying a reverse discrimination appeal brought by a group of white New Haven, Conn. firefighters. This group was deprived of promotions in spite of passing the required exam because no blacks and only two Hispanics had passed. This case is likely to be reversed by the Supreme Court.

Sotomayor recently wrote the forward to a book by David Terris and Leigh Swiggart entitled, “International Judge.” Terris had this to say about Soltomayor: “Her nomination represents a huge step forward for American law. Her openness to learning from international courts will encourage U. S. judges to make careful and appropriate use of the collective wisdom of the global legal community.” Where does that leave the U. S. Constitution that judges are sworn to uphold?

Some have labeled Sotomayor a reverse racist. That’s for others to decide. The real question is this: Is she capable of administering equal justice?

An umpire in a baseball game has to call balls and strikes based on whether each pitch is in the strike zone or not. Whether the batter or the pitcher is a friend or shares the same ethnicity, need to catch a break, or is even someone he dislikes, should not influence his call. A pitch in the strike zone is a strike; outside the strike zone-a ball—period!

America wants to know what Judge Sotomayor thinks and why. As a member of the Supreme Court, will she make her judicial decisions based on empathy and compassion or will she interpret the law as written? Cases before the court should be decided on constitutional merit, not on race, gender or ethnicity.

Providing equal justice to all Americans is not a concept; it’s the law. Whether Justice Sotomayor truly believes that or not, will be for the U. S. Senate to determine. Let’s hope they get it right.

What discourages me about our Supreme Court is the fact that our court system is a disaster in every way. Here are a few of the truths about the track record of our courts.

We have the most corrupt system of civil courts in any democracy. No other country has a lottery based system of extortion and blackmail with the disastrous track record our system has for dispensing injustice. We permit punitive damages against people who are unpopular but who have obeyed the law and committed no crime. The success with which numerous people have sued their way to riches has led us to be the most litigious society in history.

We have the most corrupt system of criminal courts in any democracy, running a revolving door system to repeatedly free the most evil people in our society to kill and rape and steal again and again. We have instituted insane rules that assure gangs and organized crime can kill, threaten and destroy anyone who dares to testify against them. The court solution is a comedy where witnesses are required to give up their lives and freedom in witness protection. And we provide that protection to killers and rapists too, forgiving their crimes for the supposed ‘greater good’ of society if they testify against their fellow criminals.

We have turned our criminal system into a let's make a deal system, where convictions are so difficult that criminals are sentenced to minor punishment just to get a conviction. There is far more concern with a minor victory for the district attorney than there is for justice for the victims. Victims never get justice. Instead judges pamper the criminal and define 'civil rights' with ever greater intent to have criminals walk free. These are not 'civil rights' for the innocent. These are 'criminal rights' for the guilty.

In both criminal and civil systems we have created a voire dire process that corrupts the concept of "a jury of your peers" beyond recognition. We allow the courts to destroy people’s lives when assigned to a jury by tying them up in court for endless months over trivial and ridiculous minutiae that serves no purpose in determining justice. We allow the exclusion from juries of anyone who displays even a modicum of intelligence. Then we pretend that we have protected the ‘jury system’.

In America ‘the rule of law’ has long since been replaced by ‘the rule of judges’. I don’t think that allowing Sotomayor on the court will matter an iota in the farce that our courts have become. There is no justice in America. Our courts are corrupt.

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Inner Banks Humor - Politics

Fate of the Big O Postal Stamps

For the punch line click
here or on title above.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Inner Banks Humor - Politics

Barack Obama - "We do not consider ourselves a Christian nation."
Barack Obama - "America is one of the largest Muslim countries in the World."
Barrack Obama - "I am not a Muslim."
Barrack Obama - "I consider myself a Christian."
Barack Obama - "What I have no interest in doing--is running GM."
Barack Obama - "Your warranties will be safe and government-backed."
Naomi Klein (Obama supporter) - "Obama is making us stupid."

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Dumbest Generation Getting Dumber

by Walter E. Williams - June 3rd, 2009 - Creator's Syndicate

The longer kids are in school and the more money we spend on them, the further behind they get.

While the academic performance of white students is grossly inferior, that of black and Latino students is a national disgrace.


The teaching establishment and politicians have hoodwinked taxpayers into believing that more money is needed to improve education.

The Washington, D.C., school budget is about the nation's costliest, spending about $15,000 per pupil. Its student/teacher ratio, at 15.2 to 1, is lower than the nation's average. Yet student achievement is just about the lowest in the nation.

This is consistent nationwide. The correlation between money spent and educational attainment is reversed. As the article says, "The longer kids are in school and the more money we spend on them, the further behind they get."

Yet every single year the only people who we listen to are the "experts" who have created this situation. Unless someone is an education expert with the right degrees, they are denied the ability to talk about the disaster of public education. Parents want the people who caused the problem to tell them how to fix it. I have a solution. STOP LISTENING TO THE PEOPLE WHO CAUSED THE PROBLEM.

Amazing Teacher Facts

Editorial - June 14th, 2008 - The Wall Street Journal

This month 3,700 recent college grads will begin Teach for America's five-week boot camp, before heading off for two-year stints at the nation's worst public schools. These young men and women were chosen from almost 25,000 applicants, hailing from our most selective colleges.


It seems that Teach for America offers smart young people something even better than money – the chance to avoid the vast education bureaucracy. Participants need only pass academic muster and attend the summer training before entering a classroom. If they took the traditional route into teaching, they would have to endure years of "education" courses to be certified.

The American Federation of Teachers [an "education" union] commonly derides Teach for America as a "band-aid."


Here's the gist: "On average, high school students taught by TFA corps members performed significantly better on state-required end-of-course exams, especially in math and science, than peers taught by far more experienced instructors. The TFA teachers' effect on student achievement in core classroom subjects was nearly three times the effect of teachers with three or more years of experience."

If you think this will matter to either the education unions or the politicians in their pockets, you are dreaming. The interest of the unions is school system employees. They do not want good teachers. They want loyal union members. So they have erected a system that attracts teachers who are not qualified, not motivated and tolerant of tedious bureaucracy.

The people who suffer are our children. Education quality has plunged down for over 2 generations, even as we have thrown more and more money at the system. Where is that money going? Why do things simply get worse year after year despite education union claims that it is getting better? If it is getting better why can't our kids read? Why after 40 years of more and more money is the only solution more money?

A five week boot camp turns out better teachers than the education unions provide after more than 2 years of so-called "education" training with more than 3 years of classroom experience. FIVE WEEKS VERSUS FIVE YEARS. We have a number of teachers who hate the current system but they are in the minority. Only when parents make politicians care more about the kids than they do about the education unions will things ever get better.

It is time.