Sunday, June 28, 2009

Don't Get That College Degree!

Intellectually And Financially, Studies Show It's Not Worth It

by Jack Hough - June 28th, 2009 - New York Post

Students want jobs and respect. Degrees bring both. Employers, meanwhile, want smart, capable workers. A degree is a decent enough proxy for intelligence, but we want it to be more than that. We want degrees to mean that students have learned the foundations of human knowledge: literature, chemistry, physics, composition, metaphysics, psychology, economics and so on. If we didn't, we'd replace degrees with inexpensive vocational exams.

Charles Murray, a fellow at American Enterprise Institute, calls for just that in a recent book, "Real Education." He argues that too many kids who lack the ability to complete a liberal-arts education are being pushed into four-year liberal-arts schools, because there's a steep societal penalty for not getting a degree. Schools, in turn, have made their degree programs easier. Murray provides a sample of courses that students used to fulfill core degree requirements at major universities in 2004, including History of Comic Book Art (Indiana University), History and Philosophy of Dress (Texas Tech University) and Campus Culture and Drinking (Duke University). He documents not only falling standards but rampant grade inflation.

With America rushing towards socialism, a college degree will become even more worthless. Socialist countries have proven to have entrenched unemployment that is three times the typical unemployment of America when it believed in free enterprise. As the wealth of our nation is destroyed, just as it has been destroyed in places like Cuba and Russia, government jobs will provide a lower standard of living. As every one's standard of living is driven lower, the value of a college degree will become trivial as compared to the standard of living available to those who are simply willing to work.

Education is supposed to increase the wealth of a nation. That premise no longer holds true. Our education institutions have become places where lies are taught as truth . Socialism is tyranny. It has become popular among the college liberal professors to say that it is "not true" socialism is tyranny. It has become popular to say, "Socialism has never been tried. This time it will work because we are smarter than those who tried it before."

However like the lie that socialism has never been tried it is a lie to claim that Obama and his minions are "smarter" than those who tried it before. "Those who do not understand history are condemned to repeat it." That is true. America is about to learn a terrible lesson because we wasted our education studying the "history of comic books."


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